360 Pumpkin Products Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Kit Review

You are out there searching for the right pumpkin carving tools and you happen to come across a kit of them. However, you are wondering whether it is a good idea to go ahead and purchase it.

A pumpkin carving kit saves you the trouble of searching the tools one by one. The 360 Pumpkin Carving Kit includes a number of tools that any serious pumpkin carver out there finds useful.

Essentially, each of these tools is designed to ensure that your carving comes out as it should.

360 Pumpkin Products Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Kit Review


  • Scooper and scraper tool
  • Detail scrapper
  • Clean up tool
  • Pinhole pattern marking
  • Carving saws – one with larger teeth and one with fine teeth
  • Plastic storage box
  • Four extra blades
  • Stainless steel blades
  • The storage case is zippered
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty



  • Great value for money. It is reasonably priced considering the ergonomic tools and variety.
  • If you are a starter in carving, this top rated pumpkin carving tool will encourage you to try out some off the charts designs. They are easy to use and will not prove a problem when attempting to negotiate a curve.
  • Makes your gourd carving easier and accurate. You will not have to worry about messing up the eye.
  • Plastic casing ensuring your tools are protected from the elements when they are not in use
  • Stainless steel blade that will not corrode



  • Sharp tools


Solution of Cons

If you are buying the tools for your children, you will need to provide adequate supervision. Don’t let them attempt to do the carving on their own.


Safety tips

It would be wrong for you to assume that you can do your carving anywhere. Of course, you cannot do it on your bed or inside a vehicle.

Carving needs adequate planning so that you can finally ace that unique design you have been dreaming of trying out all summer.

Select your place of work carefully. Somewhere with minimal interruptions is the best. For example, outdoors like your backyard will provide excellent visibility and the opportunity to concentrate.

Focus on what you are doing, and chances of nipping your finger with the blade will be minimal. You may have seen your neighbor do some wonderful carving with some headphones on.

That is his way of concentrating. Yours may be different from his and so don’t run to get yourself a set of headphones.

You may end up throwing them into a corner when you discover they are a source of distraction. Apparently, several factors go into having music as a source of motivation and concentration.

For example, you cannot have hard rock booming in your ears and expect to have safer carving. You will nip your finger or another part of your body trying to move with the beats.

Determine what works for you in terms of concentration.


Things To Consider Before Buying



Quality products are easier to use and are also safer. There are different products in the market, and not all of them are durable. Some people are out to make a quick dollar off you and so do your shopping carefully.

Consider the quality of the products you are purchasing and ask yourself whether it is the best. With the 360 Pumpkin Carving Kit, you are assured of quality since the blade is forged from stainless steel.

However, be wary of imitations. Know where you are sourcing the kit from.



For some people, a warranty is a trivial matter. They think that getting the right quality is what counts. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Make sure that your products come with a warranty in case you find out something is amiss. A warranty makes sure that you are covered in the event of a defect, or you find out it is not what you were expecting.



The 360 Pumpkin Carving Kit is an affordable set of carving tools. They are easy to use and are made from a non-corrosive material. You don’t have to worry about rust creeping up your tools. You’re covered in that regard. Furthermore, the kit includes a variety of tools in one package. This ensures that you have all that you need in one place. You will not have to run up and down searching for the right ones.