NOVA 46300 Comet II Variable Speed Mini Lathe 12-Inch x 16 1/2-Inch Review

Woodworkers want something versatile and with the appropriate strength to handle a large number of projects – it would not be appropriate to have many tools doing the same task. One that does all of them is ideal for space saving and overall cost savings.


There are a variety of machines out there, but not all of them are both easier to carry and use. Hobbyists have an excellent use for portability. Where would the fun be if you can’t turn your pieces wherever you want? In the following review, we look at one of the best wood lathes for beginners you will find on the market.

NOVA 46300 Comet II Variable Speed Mini Lathe

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Several things make this wood lathe one of the best and among them is portability. NOVA 46300 is lightweight and compact making it easier to move around. It is also easier to store, but that does not mean it is a pushover. NOVA 46300 comes with the ruggedness and capacity comparable to larger machines.


The wood lathe also comes with a 3/4HP motor for efficient operation. Its speed varies from very low to very high giving you a choice of picking the right one for your projects. The NOVA 46300 is ideal for a variety of projects such as turning spindles and pens among others.




  • Has a strong 3/4HP motor adequate for the majority of projects and delivers a variable speed of 250-4000rpm.


  • The NOVA 46300 comes with a forward and reverse button for a top of the range finish. This means you don’t have to keep switching off the and manually moving the pieces.


  • This wood lathe has a 12-inch swing capacity and the center capacity of 16.5 inches. It is expandable to 41 inches and comes with all the necessary accessories to achieve this. All this expandability ensures you can work on a large variety of projects – no limit for you.


  • Has an excellent indexing feature, accurate, easy to adjust and locks firmly into position when working on projects. There are also cam controls that make your adjustment task even more comfortable.


  • The wood lathe has a grinding wheel accessory you can quickly attach to make it more versatile – something that professionals love about it.


  • You also have the option of picking a bed extension accessory for the expansion of the spindle length.


  • Also has a composite guard that is strengthened and reinforced. There is a rapid access latch for quick access.


  • An improved on/off switch for efficiency and safety.


  • The pulley system provides optimal flexibility as it boasts a variety of speed ranges. This system is three-step with the middle one providing sufficient range for the majority of turning works. The other two just provide more torque when needed –, especially with more demanding jobs.


  • Its body is solid iron cast demonstrating a high level of structural strength – critical for rigidity and strength to deal with vibrations and shocks coming from working with hard wooden pieces.


  • The motor has an updated die-cast housing for optimal experience in woodturning


  • Comes with additional accessories transforming the wood lathe into a total woodworking station – this renders your working space a serious one. These accessories make your machine versatile and the process saving a considerable amount of space, money and time.


  • The NOVA 46300 also features a hand wheel for more exceptional finishing


  • There is a 3-inch faceplate, and a 6-inch tool rest to take care of variety projects.


  • This mini lathe comes with a reverse feature to ensure efficiency and uninterrupted workflow.


  • It is also a pretty quiet lathe that will not disturb the sleeping neighbors as you do your early morning turning.




The on and off switch is fitted with a no-vault release not only for efficiency but also for your safety.


There are also other safety features that come with the grinding wheel accessory. More specifically, it has a tool rest, eye safety should and outer case all designed for your safety.


The variable speed adjustment lets you quickly adjust the speed so you can choose the most appropriate for your situation – of course, there’s some safety in this.




  • Unlike other wooden lathes that boast a high level of portability and lightweight, the NOVA 46300 is quite heavy. It might not be so easy to carry, after all, for some people.


  • The wood lathe may not work in some countries with particular power specifications.



Without sugarcoating, this is actually one of the wood lathe reviews. The NOVA 46300 has top of the range features such a powerful and quiet motor for efficient woodturning. It is rugged and has a high level of versatility – this means you can use it on a variety of projects saving you much time, cost and space.


The wood lathe may be a little heavy, but that is a small price to pay for such quality equipment. Whether a beginner or professional, this is one decent wood lathe to have in your tool store.