BANG HUI Wood Carving Chisel Set- 12 pc Professional SK5 Wood Carving Tools

For beginners that are looking for a reliable set of tools, then BANG HUI Professional Wood Carving Chisel Set is the best starter gift. The tools in this set are durable and sufficiently sharp to serve you appropriately. The best thing about these tools is that they stay sharp until that time that you are experienced enough to go on to more specialized tools. Beginners that prefer long handles will feel at home with this set. They are easy to hold and work with.


  • SK5 carbon steel material for durability
  • Perfect handles for easier handling
  • Blades that are razor sharp
  • A useful plastic case
  • Electrolytic Coating of the blades


  • The tools are durable and will give you a number of years.
  • Works on various materials. You can use these tools on clay, linoleum, as well as, soapstone. This means that you stand to benefit significantly since the tools are applicable to a number of applications.
  • An adequate variety of tips that beginners will find useful. They don’t have to keep running around sourcing for a particular tip every time they need to work on a certain angle.
  • The wooden handles are so well done that blisters will not be something to show for your skill. They are smooth and easy to use.
  • A coating that makes the tools rustproof. This increases their lifespan considerably.


  • Some reviewers complained that tools lost their sharpness very easily.
  • Some found the blade to be too easy to break.
  • The blades are short for specific jobs.

Solution of Cons

  • The tools should be used as they are supposed. Don’t force them too much on hard canvas. Learn to cut small materials as you curve your way to what you want. Furthermore, you achieve perfection by giving attention to detail.
  • If you find that the blade is not adequately sharp for what you are doing, then it’s time to sharpen them. Do it moderately and avoid overdoing it.

Safety tips

  • To avoid accidents, always do your carving in well-lit areas. Outdoors are perfect and will give you good visibility. You will need good visibility not only for safety but also for perfection.
  • Always have a first aid kit by you for the accidental fingertips. However, if you happen to give yourself those deep nasty cuts, then you should rush to the emergency room.
  • Cut in small swirls. Don’t be in haste to finish a piece as that does not indicate you are proficient. Take your time, and all will come out perfect.
  • Always check that the handle is in place and tight to make sure that it does not keep coming off. Loose handles are a risk for you and those around you.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Before you make your purchase, determine what you will be working according to your skill level. However, for beginners, they don’t need complicated tools, and BANG HUI Wood Carving Chisel Set would do. For example, beginners will have more use for the straight gouge than the spoon gouge or back bent gouge. If you have been carving for some time, then you will need more specialized tools.

The size of the tool is among the most important aspects to consider before getting your checkbook. In a real sense, the element will determine the easiness at which you control a particular tool. Beginners are much at home with medium-sized tools. Smaller palm tools require skill which a beginner may be short of. However, that does not mean that you should not try your hand on bigger sizes. The skill may eventually grow on you.


The blades are short for a reason. They are to enhance your perfection. This tools set are high quality and will stay sharp for a long time. If you want to try out several canvases, then this toolset is one of the best. For some beginners, this tools set may not be the best based on their size.

However, since you are learning, the skill to use them will eventually grow on you. With adequate practice, you can then move on to specialized carving tools. Don’t let anything hold you back from trying your hand on a possibly satisfying lifetime hobby. However, don’t let this blind you to get the best tools that will support your growth in the carving journey.