The Best 10 Meter Radios – Reviews 2018

Any radio hobbyist will tell you how important it is to have a reliable 10-meter radio. A powerful radio is a source of pride and a source of greater options. Ten meter radios come at various models and prices.

Typically, most tend to believe that the most expensive among them are also among the best. When in the majority cases that can prove to be the case, it does not automatically mean that lower-priced equipment is poor quality.

There are several things that you may need to consider when buying a radio. And to your benefit, we include a review of some of the best 10 meter radio in the market right now.

Best 10 Meter Radio Reviews

1.Stryker Sr-655hp 10 Meter Amateur Radio

10 meter cb radio reviews

This is one type of equipment on top of the range capabilities and favorable price range for any armature radio hobbyist. Stryker is a household name when it comes to 10 meter radios and other similar equipment in the market.

At first glance, the equipment seems sturdy enough and of course attractive. On plugging it in, the equipment produces a set of noises and indicates several colors on the LED display.

To be honest, this demonstrates a professional touch to the equipment – you immediately feel that you are on to something crucial by just handling this stuff. On testing the radio, it demonstrated a massive amount of power that radios the same category should have.

The different colors the equipment produces are nothing less of awesome. They feature variable power control, clarifier and the dimmer switch. The radio also has about six varying roger beeps. If the brand is Stryker, then be assured this radio is among the best 10 meter radio.


2.Connex 3300hp 10 Meter Amateur Radio w/ Roger Beep


connex 3300hp for sale

This piece of equipment is really for those that are looking for reliable radios whose price is at the bottom of the pile. The brand Connex should scream quality to your face.

In actual sense, this company has been manufacturing these radios for a long time and can be trusted to make something worth every cent. At3300hp this amateur radio is the real deal with such considerable power.In terms of design and aesthetic appeal, this radio is a real winner and will attest to it right off the box.

The LCD can be adjusted for brightness, and so it lights pretty well during the night. The controls are easy to use, especially when attempting to make the conversations on the device audible. The large display of the channel selector makes operating the device so much easier. This 10-meter radio has several attractive features such as the noise limiter.

The FM and AM modes are easy to operate. It has roger beep as a good extra. You also have the option of choosing from six bands and to top all, it is quite an inexpensive unit. It is a great selection for any level of user – beginner and novice. Without any doubt, this is one of the best 10 meter radios around.


3.DX98VHP 200 Watt 10 Meter Radio with Single Sideband

galaxy dx98vhp review

This is without a doubt the radio for the avid operators. It is a high-quality equipment that anyone who knows what they are doing will appreciate.

This radio comes with a convenient sideband that allows expansion of the LSB and USB communication – how great is that? At first glance of the box, you will notice that this radio has everything you would need for effective controls on its face.

You will also find a power meter on the device’s face to keep you informed of the signal strength. If you need to use the device in times of minimal lighting, this device has an attractive backlight on the faceplate. During operation, the radio can become extremely hot, but this is the real deal. It has two fans that keep the heat down as necessary. And to keep the noise down, the system has a bunch of controls for that purpose.

The radio is packed with a huge 200 watts of power that should excite anyone that is an ardent fan. It comes with a two-year warranty to reassure you. When you factor in all this, it is simple to realize what a great 10 meter radio this product is.


4.Stryker Sr-955hpc 10 Meter Amateur Radio

stryker cb radios for sale

Stryker features again in this review for a pretty good reason. Even though this next product form Stryker has a higher price tag, it comes with nifty little features that make the radio worth the investment.

Among the features include the different audio readings visible on the faceplate – talk of convenience. The radio also has an attractive backlight that keeps everything visible through the night.

You don’t have to worry about the darkness. It has an attractive design that keeps ardent users and spectators alike, interested. The radio’s adjustable controls allow you to fine-tune the conversations to a comfortable level you don’t want to miss anything.

The radio is packed with 70 watts of communication power which is quite okay for the users. Furthermore, it comes with the option of selecting from five roger beeps – great options here. At just about six pounds, this is among the most lightweight radios you will find.

You can also mount this radio anywhere you can think of which is another great feature. As you will soon find out upon purchase, this is one of the best 10 meter radio you will find anywhere.

The rave reviews that this radio has received will make even the beginner rush to the stores to get one. Considering all this, its price is really a bargain – it definitely is!


Which is Better?

It is the little things in life that we enjoy doing that make life interesting and fun. If you are a 10 meter radio lover, then the better. You will need the best equipment around in order to enjoy your hobby to the maximum.

This requires effort in research to land the best 10 meter radio that will fulfill your needs.

However, should you find that the task of research is a bit unattractive, then you can always pick one product from the above, and you will surely have fun. They are all decent selections that should fulfill your needs.



Only the 10 meter radio hobbyists know the importance of having reliable equipment around. In other words, only the best 10 meter radio can make the users truly enjoy having them and using them.

If you have no idea of what to look for when buying this equipment, then you can end up making a wrong choice. We have done the hard work for you, and any one of the above products will make a decent choice. However, if you are looking for a powerful and favorably priced ten-meter radio, then you cannot go wrong with Stryker Sr-955hpc 10 Meter Amateur Radio. Have fun friends!

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