The 4 Best Bolt Extractors – Reviews 2018

Best Bolt Extractors
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It is natural for metal objects to rust with time. Your once sparkling new project with shiny bolts eventually gets old and rusty taking in that look of something undesirable. This does not mean that you should give up and let the new state of affairs take root. You can give new life to your project by replacing the old and rusty ones giving the joints a renewed strength for another bunch of years. The problem comes in removing these old bolts. Those that have ever tried removing them will tell you that it is not an easy task. Bolt extractors are fabulous devices that every home should have. They make bolt extraction such an easy job that you will want to keep using them. Without much ado, the following is a list of the best bolt extractors you can choose from and make your project new again.

Best Bolt Extractor Review

1.IRWIN HANSON BOLT-GRIP Bolt Extractor Set, 5 Piece

Best Bolt Extractor
IRWIN HANSON BOLT-GRIP Bolt Extractor Set, 5 Piece

These bolts are best suited for those people with cars. The size of the bolt removers are fitting for car bolts. They are all in the range of 3/8 – 5/8.

That does not mean they cannot be used elsewhere. They are versatile in addition to all that. It is the perfect starter kit that every worker should have.

The bolt remover comes with a nice pack to keep all the tools neat and organized. This kit is convenient and attractive.

It is something that you can carry around without feeling any shame. These removers are hard and will quickly grip bolts that have rust, pain or any other substance on them.

The tools are made of high carbon steel. This is the best indication of their durability and will serve you for a very long time. The bolt extractor fits all types of bolts – the lobular design is universal.

They also have an excellent grip provided by the spiral-flutes bite down design. Considering all these features, these tools easily makes the list of the 4 bolt extractor.

Highly Recommend !!!!


2.Craftsman Impact Grade 10 Piece Damaged Bolt/Nut Remover Set

 heavy duty bolt extractor
Craftsman Impact Grade 10 Piece Damaged Bolt Set

If you have in your presence really bag bolts that look as if they have been welded in place, then you can always use this pack of bolt removers.

In other words, they are the real deal when it comes to damaged bolts. You can comfortably utilize power tool without the risk of damaging their mouth.

You can also use these tools with an air ratchet, impact wrench, breaker bar and hand wrench. The ten-piece tools are perfect for marine, motorcycle and automotive.

They are also perfect for home use for the little projects you have here and there.

The removers come with a convenient pack to keep everything inside. You know how hectic it can be when one remover falls and rolls all over.


3.IRWIN 25-Piece Hex Head Extractor Set

best stripped screw extractor
IRWIN 25-Piece Hex Head Extractor Set

One of the most important qualities that bolt removers should have is versatility. The 5-piece tools can handle high torque application fittings, socket screws, bolts, and damaged bolts.

The hex head extractor is made of high carbon steel. They are durable and will give you several years of service.

The bolt has a very efficient left-hand spiral-design that is a source of an effective gripping power. The removers have a universal lobular-design meaning that they can fit any size of the bolts.

There are 25 pieces in the set meaning that you can comfortably find the right extractor for the bolt in your sight.

The pieces are in the range of 1/8″-7/8″. They all come in a heavy duty carrying case. However, this set is a little bit pricey in comparison to the others.



4.IRWIN BOLT GRIP Deep Well Bolt Extractors

best bolt extractor socket
IRWIN Tools IMPACT Performance Series BOLT GRIP Deep Well Bolt Extractors

At certain times, you may come across a whole set of rusted engine, and you need put it apart. In such a case, your wretch will do very little to save the situation, and so you need a set of good tools.

The Irwin toolset are made for such tasks. They are sturdy, versatile and easy to use. They are constructed of high carbon steel, and the heads cannot easily damage under significant stress.

And with reverse spiral flute design, you have an adequate gripping power to do wonders in taking apart the rusted project. They contain a black oxide finish that protects the tools from corrosion.

The coating extends the life of the extractor considerably. A standout feature is the deep –welled socket that the tools have. They help grip the bolts appropriately when you are at work.

Removing them thus becomes very easy. The steep price tag is one thing that may make many people turn their face away.

However, the best things do not come cheap. You have to dig deep into your pocket for something that is powerful and quality.


How to use the bolt extractors

You usually have two types of extractors when you are looking to put apart specific rusted and problematic project. Socket extractors help you deal with the rusted bolts effectively.

They are extremely convenient as they can easily fit into your air tools and other power tools.

However, they tend to damage the head of the bolt. But come to think of it, what would you be doing with damaged and rusted bolts after you remove them? Using socket extractors is easy, and you only need to slip it in and twist making the bolt to pop free.

Sometimes the bolt damages but the job is usually done.  These types of extractors typically are quite effective. Spline extractors are quite the dramatic type.

They damage the bolt extensively but are more effective in removing them. Spline extractors are complimented by a drill where you use it on the bolt for effective extraction.


Preparing the bolt

You cannot just jump on the bolt with extractor. You need to first prep the bolt for easier and effective extraction. You can start by employing a hammer on the stubborn bolt and may be surprised when the darned thing decides to come off.

Hammering away also helps put the bolt into place and make it ready for extraction. If you reach the point of using the drill, then utilizing the cutting oil is necessary.

The cutting oil will keep the bolt from expanding making it harder to extract. If you have resorted to using the spline extractor, then use a mallet to seat it into place. This will allow things to move smoothly as you go ahead to extract the bolt.



There are several things you can do to avoid rusting. However, when it comes to it, you can easily remove them using a bolt extractor.

We have done you a favor by listing the 4 bolt extractors to make your work easier. You only need to choose one that fits your budget and preference.

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