Best Cheap LED Light Bar Reviews 2018

Experts would agree that a LED light bar is one of the best enhancements you can make for your vehicles and for several reasons. LED light makes driving in low light conditions and at night extremely safe without posing a risk to your overall driving experience. Adding to this, it renders a much more intense and focused light output compared to traditional car headlights, and is available in two distinct designs – curved and straight Best LED light bar. Although the advantages of owning a LED light are too much to list, highlighted below are some of the most significant ones to consider.

Best LED Light Bar Comparison

ImageNameLED PowerWarrentyDetails
Eyourlife Led Light Bar300W2 Years
ZHOL Led Light Bar300W1 Year
SHANREN Led Light Bar288W1 Year
WoneNice Led Light bar300W1 Year
OPT7 LED Light Bar288W2 Years

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Straight Cree LED Light Bar
Straight Cree LED Light Bar

Ergonomic Design – the first thing you can’t help but notice about a LED light bar is its appealing design compared to most other conventional lighting sources in the market. Its ergonomic design allows it to be perfectly and seamlessly installed on any vehicle and regardless of where you want to place it on your 4×4, it enhances the appeal of the vehicle from the moment it is fitted.

Accelerates Night Vision Capabilities – the design of a LED light bar is not just to enhance the overall appeal of your vehicle, it has several practical uses as well. First, it is able to exude more light especially towards the sides of the vehicle, and next it offers drivers better coverage area and unmatched night vision. Adding to this and unlike other LED lightsources, you don’t have to adjust LED bars to an elevated position, making it easier to get a better visual position.


Best Cheap LED Light Bar Reviews


Led Light Bar Mod

Led Light Bar Mod


Reflectors – LED light bars are generally appointed with 3D reflectors, which simply enhance its ability to render superior quality light output. With regards to 3D reflectors, they improve the light extraction efficiency of LED light bulbs resulting in intense, brighter light with wider irradiation.



Optical Spectrum


Well Build Exterior – a lighting device may have the best lighting qualities, but will not be worth the investment if it lacks a robust exterior housing. In terms of a LED light bar, this is hardly the case, because the exterior of most of them are well build to protect it from inclement weather conditions and its interior components. Furthermore, most LED light bars boast a robust build and are extremely durable and water and dust resistant.


How to Buy a LED Light Bar?

Regardless of whether you’re looking to embark on a thrilling endeavor with your 4×4 or joining a competition, the lighting of your vehicle is one of the most important aspects to pay attention to for optimal safety. Furthermore, it also helps increase visibility especially in harsh weather conditions and simultaneously reduces eye strain and fatigue. The market today is flourished with different types of LED light bars to choose from, each with their unique features and specifications so choosing the right one may be a little overwhelming.

One of the foremost factors in choosing an LED light bar is ensuring it is extremely durable considering the fact that it will be mounted on the exterior of the 4×4. Making sure the LED light bar is long lasting also ensures that you don’t have to waste money on replacement parts at least for a few years to come. Most LED lights last for an upwards of an impressive 50,000 hours, which is more than 10 years when used for 12 hours per day.

Another aspect to consider when shopping for a LED light bar is its light output, where great light output results in wider coverage area and better visibility. To determine the best light output, brightness and visibility, check the wattage of the LED light bar, which should be clearly mentioned on the package or on the bar itself. The aspect of overheating also comes into play with LED light bars and other lighting devices as well. So it is important to check that the light bar has an efficient and reliable heat elimination system with bigger air vents and sinks. This will ensure that the heat generated within is able to escape easily and won’t cause damage to the internal components of the LED light bar.


LED light bars are becoming increasingly popular, and not only with 4×4 enthusiasts, but also with other types of vehicles as well including a few emergency vehicles. Owing to their variety of uses, LED light bars can have in several different sizes, most commonly 50 inch LED light bar and 20 inch LED light bar. Regardless of whether you choose a 20 inch light bar or a 50 inch light bar for your vehicle, you should consider a few factors that will ease your buying decision such as price, size, mounting options, LED light bar covers, color, configurations and accessories.

Different Color Choices – LED light bars can have in a plethora of color variations such as green, red, blue and white. Adding to this, there are several newly introduced 50 inch LED light bars and 20 inch LED light bars that can be ordered with a mix of several primary colors for a myriad color variations. But this feature is best suited for those looking to use a LED light bar in nightclubs and other areas where vibrant lighting is required.

Long Service Life – The service life of the bulbs of LED light bars is unmatched, and they do not even give up when used over longer periods. In fact, both a 20 inch LED light bar and a 50 inch LED light bar can last for over 10 years, which translates to roughly an astounding 90,000 hours. At this rate, traditional lighting would need a replacement of approximately 25 times and power consumption of a staggering 3000 or more kilowatt hours.

With regards to the efficiency of a 20 inch LED bar and a 50 inch LED bar, they can deliver the same amount of power using conventional technologies only at 10 to 15 percent of power. This considerable reduction in energy consumption can help save tons of cash over the cost of the life of each 20 or 50 inch LED light bar.

Durability and Eco-Friendly Lighting – Traditional lighting contains many harmful materials such as mercury, but that’s not the case with LED light bars. In addition, carbon is the primary cause of several health conditions, and is present in conventional fluorescent light bulbs. But there’s more, the exterior of traditional light bulbs are made up of glass filaments, which makes them inclined to breakage when hit.

Contrarily, the bulbs of LED light bars are specifically designed with versatility in mind, which makes them a great contender in harsh outdoor weather conditions, and one of the reasons why they are an excellent installation for 4×4 and other vehicles. In addition, LED light bulbs show no signs of distress when exposed to continued heat over long hours of lighting, and can even withstand frequent fluctuations of power. So if you have moments of unstable power, you can count on your LED light bar to still shine through it.

Installing a 20 inch Light Bar or a 50 inch Light Bar

Both a 20 inch light bar and a 50 inch light bar are not only geared to enhance the overall aesthetics of your vehicle, but also they provide optimal safety as long as they are installed correctly. Although the setup process is simple, especially, if you’ve worked with lights before, it is important to note that you’re working with some powerful electrical appliances. The hardest aspect of the installation process is probably wiring it all together so here’s a quick guide to ensure you’re on the right path.

Get the Right Tools – The first thing is that you will need to get the right tools for the job regardless of whether you’re installing a 20 inch LED bar or a 50 inch LED light bar. The right tools will not only help you do a neat job, but also increase safety and reliability. The owner’s manual included with the LED light bar will highlight the tools you need for the installation process so make sure you get all the ones listed.

Check the Harness – Next is to check the included wiring harness or get the one recommended by the LED light bar manufacturer. Before initiating the installation process, make sure you read the user manual thoroughly to avoid any hiccups during the process.

Protect Yourself – Before starting the wiring process, make sure the battery of your vehicle is disconnected, and unplug the negative terminal first. If holes are not provided by your vehicle manufacturer and you’re going to be drilling them yourself, ensure that you don’t damage any wires or other electric components.

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20 inch led light bar comparison

If you’re buying a LED light bar for the first time, a best practice is to read user reviews of LED light bars to educate yourself on its pros and cons.


Choosing the Best Location for a LED Light Bar

Installing your LED light bar in the right location is based on several factors including intended lighting use, budget, personal preference and technical abilities. Some locations are easier to install than others and below we will highlight some of the common locations in the order of easiest first.

Front Bumper – this is probably the easiest and most common location to mount your LED light rod. In most cases, your 4×4 will already have designated holes for a LED light bar, which will eliminate the need to purchase any additional mounting hardware. However, if there are no holes for the LED bar, it’s just the matter of using a drill and doing it yourself or getting it done professionally. In addition, installing the LED light bar on the bumper makes wiring it relatively easy as the wires need to connect to the engine compartment. Front bumper mounting also offers more flexibility as you can mount just about any LED light bar from 30 inch rigid LED light bar to 50 inch LED light bar.

But there is one drawback to mounting on the front bumper, which is the fact that the light streamed from the light bar is from the same location as your vehicle’s headlights. Although this isn’t a huge disadvantage, you just won’t be able to enjoy different angles of light from your LED light bar. Other locations to mount a LED light bar are above the windshield, lower windshield or a combination of the ones mentioned above.

If you own a 4×4, go off-roading or drive in low light conditions, investing in a LED light bar is a great choice.


Technology behind LED Light Bar for Trucks & Cars

LED lights for cars and trucks have been around for a while now, but have only recently become increasingly popular for all the right reasons. All 4×4 enthusiasts are looking for a way brighten up their path in low light conditions or night time whether on a rough track in the bush or on the beach. For this a LED light bar for trucks or a LED light bar for cars is a perfect solution. As the more and more of these types of light fixtures continue to be fitted on cars and trucks, their prices have been drastically reduced. But have you ever wondered about the technology behind LED lights and what sets them apart from other types of lights such as HID and halogen lights?

Halogen Lights – if you aren’t familiar how halogen lights, this is the right time to take notes considering that most of the principles are relatively similar to LED technology. In a halogen light, electric current is streamed across a filament to create light. To prevent oxidizing and burning, the globe of the halogen bulb is filled with gas.

The drawback, however, of a traditional halogen globe is the light it generates is not enough and the wire used to create the filament is not so strong. So they are not that strong when travelling on rough terrain due to their fragile properties. But to address these fragile issues, the tungsten in some halogen globes are made of tungsten and the globe itself is infused with an inert gas.

When the tungsten reacts with the inert gas, it generates an intense light, resulting in a stable light source that is able to withstand a certain level of vibration. Halogen light bulbs are rather inexpensive, making them a great choice for use with your vehicle, but wait we haven’t got to the drawbacks yet. The biggest pitfall of halogen lights would have to be their increased power consumption. To compare with LED lights that draw just a meager 5w, halogen bulbs use a whopping 55w or more for the same amount of light.

Adding to this, the reflector system used for the lighting by LED lights is made of halogen and is actually a combination of several reflectors in an effort to intensify the light produced. One of the noteworthy features of a LED light bar for trucks and LED light bar for cars is their low and stable power consumption, which can be reduced by over an astounding 60% compared to halogen bulbs.

LED Light Technology Explained – the acronym LED means Light Emitting Diode and is a relatively old technology that was conceived in the early 1960’s. Although the first LED lights were only available in red, rapid advancements in this field have made it possible to acquire them in a plethora of colors such as those available for a LED bar for trucks and LED bar for cars. Another amazing feature of a LED light for cars and LED light for trucks is that they enhance the visual aesthetics of any vehicle.

One of the most popular choices is the rectangular and curved designed LED light for cars and trucks, which are generally mounted above the roof rack or above the windshield, using a limited amount of height space. Unlike halogen lights that produce a spot beam, LED lights produce an even amount of light also known as spread beam, which is great for lighting up a close and wider range.

In an effort to provide a great blend of length and spread, LED bar manufacturers are placing higher intensity LED bulbs in the middle of the LED light bar and have even replaced the reflectors with those that a longer range of vision. LED light bars also provide optimal safety on the road and do not affect other drivers on the road owing to the fact that they evoke light at a higher level and angle than traditional vehicle headlamps.

LED lights may cost a bit more than halogen lamps, but each LED bulb lasts for up to 50,000 hours or a whopping 10 years. In addition, most new 4×4 vehicles are already appointed with the holes needed to fit LED light bars, which simplifies the mounting and installation process. If you’re familiar with 4×4 vehicles, you’re probably already aware of their fragile electrical system, which can be damaged by HID or halogen lights because of their periodical current spikes. This, however, is not the case with LED light bar for trucks and LED light bar for cars owing to the fact that they draw a minimal level of current.

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