The Best Come Along Winches – Hand Cable Puller in 2018

Come along present a great way of moving heavy objects from one point to the other. They are commonly used in cars when they decide to break down. You must have seen them in use on the road several times during the month. As you would guess, strength is a critical element that you should look out for when buying a come along. A good come along with a solid construction will keep going for a long time without showing signs of coming apart. Below is a review of some of the best come along winches in the market that you can choose and make your task of moving heavy objects easy.

Best Come Along Winches Review

1.TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller

This comes along winch is a great product but has a shortcoming. It is not the best when it comes to extremely heavy objects such as over a thousand tons. This product is not made of the best metal, and you should go easy on it. This is because as you reach near capacity, the gears start to grind and that cannot always end up being a good thing. This come along winch is cheaper and can effectively handle weights such as moving logs and others from one place to the other. If you keep within the given capacity, this is quite a decent choice.


2.Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144S-6 1 Ton Capacity Pow’R Pull USA Made

Maasdam is a household name when it comes to manual winches. You can be sure of quality with this one-ton capacity come-along. Basically, it is good for several applications without any strain. If you stay within the recommended capacity, you should be more than good. This product can safely haul the necessary weight without much ado. The come-along winch is easy to use, and it is not that expensive. And to top it all, the product is quite the durable type. You do not need a manual to know how to use the product. As a result, this is among the best come along wince in the market.


3.Maasdam A-20 3/4 Ton Rope Puller with 20 Feet 0.5-Inch Diameter Rope

This is a good come-along winch for the small applications. It may not be good for pulling a vehicle, but it is definitely your product when it comes to pulling logs. The winch comes with a strong rope that you can attach to your loads and the axle of your vehicle. Without a doubt, this is a great rope-puller come along that you will find in the market. The price is also not too badly off, and there will be no legitimate excuse as to why you don’t have one.


4.Maasdam 144SB-6 2 Ton Capacity Power Pull

You may have noticed by now that Maasdam are an authority when it comes to come-along winch. The manufacturer features again with this wonderful product, and it is for a great reason. The come-along is suitable for almost every non-industrial application you may have. Despite its versatility, you are required to find your own rope or chain that you attach to the come-along. This means that you are left with the task of finding the best strap to match this product. This is not always an easy proposition.


The Qualities of a Great Come Along Winch

Before you can rush to the stores, there are some qualities you must look for.  Functional, budget options are not too shabby but check the metal used to construct the come along. Go with high-grade steel as its amount of tolerance is off the hook. It will not fail when dealing with significant amounts of loads. The construction of the product should be single piece. When the external frame is single piece, chances of failure are minimal. Don’t forget other things used to keep the bolt together such as the heat-treated bolts. If you think about it, cheap is not always the best. Cheap come-alongs tend to have gears made from inferior metals. This means that they may not operate at near capacity or as they are supposed to efficiently. You should check for lift height of the come-along winch that will be used to pull motor vehicles. This will be necessary especially if you will be moving the vehicle up a ramp. It can be embarrassing to run short.



Always check the rope for fraying and breaks. A snapped cable may do a significant amount of damage if care is not taken. Avoid the cheapest products as they can be a source of considerable risk – their construction may not be as sturdy because of the cheap material used. Using thin cables can also be a source of risk.

A swinging thin cable can cut through anything, and it can leave an innocent person without a limb. The first thing that you should always do is to make sure that all attachments and tools are all in good shape before you proceed using them. Secondly, know the amount of weight you are hauling.

Sometimes you can be wrong in your estimations, and the consequences would be dire when you exceed the weight limit of your come-along winch. You also need to know the signs indicating that you are exceeding the limit. It is essential to know when you are overdoing it so that you can stop when necessary. As they say, prevention is better than cure.


Selecting the Right Come Along Winch For You

When moving light objects within your homestead, Tekton will be more than appropriate. Your load should however not exceed 1000 pounds, and you will be okay. Even though Maasdam products will cost you a bit more, they make quality come-along winches.

The rating of their products is reasonable and can be trusted. They are an established organization in the manufacture of come-along winches. Determine the average load that you will be hauling and pick your come-along based on this. You will then realize how easy you handle heavy objects.

The tools are versatile and easy to use. They are an absolute winner in the department of pulling those weights others may consider immovable of too heavy to handle.


Come along winches are some of the greatest tools you can have around. That is if you have heavy objects to haul from time to time. It would not make sense to buy an absolute workhorse and relegate it to the bottom of your garage.

If you come around to purchasing it, then there are some things that you must be sure of. The first is the amount of load that you will be handling and get the right capacity.

You don’t need a lower capacity that would break easily when you exceed it causing an accident in the process. The come along for sale fulfill your requirements and is strong enough to handle any load you throw at it as long as you don’t exceed the maximum load capacity. It is easy to use and is made of hard steel.

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