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Working the power lines may be one of the toughest jobs around. If the linemen are not careful, a simple mistake can turn tragic. These people need protective clothing and footwear that not only protects them from the risk of electrical shock but also comfort and stability. In particular, they need good specialized boots that are comfortable, durable, water-resistant and protects from electric shock. They need to be comfortable when the linemen are using hooks and ropes. In order for the lineman to be efficient in their job, they need the best boots with at least the stated features. The following is our recommendation of the 4 best lineman boots on the market.

According to our research on this topic, we will show you the following lineman work boots on the market. The following factors you have to consider before buying such as the boots must be waterproof, extra durableoutsoles etc.

Best Lineman Boots Review

1.Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Boot


The qualities that stand out in this boot is the material and outsole. Red Wing lineman climbing boots are made of high-quality leather, and the outsole is designed in a way that would comfortably any surface. It is based on stitch-down welt construction that makes the boot truly durable. The shoes are quite comfortable and feature a bump toe upfront for more room.

The outsole shank is steel which provides the necessary support to scale poles and other structures. For additional comfort, the innersole is pure leather. The Iron Ranger will take some time to get used to your foot.  A month of oiling and forcing the boot into submission will do the trick.

In the meantime, the Iron Ranger will be unusable in terms of walking on them let alone climbing. Linemen require boots that are waterproof. The thing with quality leather is that it is waterproof.

This means that can be alright in light snow and rain. However, you need to polish this leather quite often. The drawback with this the Iron Ranger is that they are not explicitly designed for use by linemen and lack some of the important features for climbing.

Even though this boot looks hipper than a workman’s shoe, it is among the 4 Best Climbing Boots For Lineman and this is one of the cheap lineman boot. Check out our milligram scale guide



2.La Sportiva Karakorum Boot


la sportiva lineman boots are quite common among the linemen even though they were not initially designed for this type of work. Regardless, the boot has some features that make it appropriate for this kind of role. This is the second product we are listing as perfect lineman boot. At 878g, the shoe is light and made from leather.

This combined with polyurethane sole makes it a really comfortable shoe for the people working up the pole. The dry-best liner makes the shoe cozy on the inside. The leather is treated with Idro-Perwagner silicone.

This makes it weatherproof which is actually good for protection from water. You never know when the rain may decide to pour when you are up to the pole. And if it does, you are adequately protected. The shoe has a multi-directional 3D-flex-hinge that provides adequate balance when you are up to the pole.

The good thing about this feature is that it helps you have a proper grip on the surface – whether you are up to the pole or on the ground. And the best thing is that they are cheap and so you don’t have an excuse for not wearing protective footwear when working on the power lines.



3.Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers Work Boot


The lineman boot should have a soft and excellent traction for a grip when you are up to the pole. This Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers is perfect in that aspect. The boot also has a steel toe and high-quality out sore for efficient climbing. It is also abrasion resistant which makes it durable. Just like laymen, the linemen need shoes that take a long time to replace.

The leather in this shoe is durable and weather resistant. This ensures that your socks stay dry throughout the time that you are working. Should some of the equipment fall on your feet, they will just bounce off indicating quality.

However, the boots come without the steel for hooks for climbing. Apart from this, they are a pretty good choice especially if you are starting out. They do not take long to get comfortable on the feet. They are comfortable right from the time they come off the box. The Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers are good for rookies based on a number of reasons that include their low price.

This shoe is also durable and can be won any accession. This means that you can use the same pair for work and for walks across the country.



4.Chippewa Men’s 9″ -Toe EH Logger Boot


These Chippewa boots make the list for an excellent reason. They made from high-quality leather and has a long toe to help you in your climbing. The boot is waterproof and specially designed to ensure safety from electrical hazards.

Other qualities that make the boot a good choice for electricians include the Thinsulate insulation. This particular feature ensures comfort and greater warmth allowing for enhanced comfort when moving from one place to the other. The electrical hazard is the most common risk that electricians face in this insulation is perfect towards ensuring adequate protection from the electrical hazards.

Chippewa comes with a good moisture management system of the lining. This allows your feet to breathe and dry quickly. Only electricians know how the feet feel when on top of the pole for hours. They sweat, and the resulting discomfort can affect concentration in a significant way. The boot also has a waterproof membrane – it is also breathable and so does not affect moisture management system.

Whether you are up to the pole or just working off a ladder, these boots may prove a great choice for you.



How to Pick The Right Pair of Lineman Boot

There are several important factors that you ought to consider before you can settle on a particular pair of boots. Among the most critical of them include comfort. In the majority of the time, the linemen are forced to stay for extended periods up to the pole. If the footwear should happen to be uncomfortable, then concentration will dissipate.

In dealing with electricity as a line of work, the focus is a critical element. Comfort usually is in the form of moisture absorption, warmth, and water resistance. The cheaper boots are not comfortable on your feet. Go with the boots that feel comfortable on your feet regardless of the trade you are into.

The other thing that you need to consider is quality. If you are worried about the price, then make sure the boot you choose has a decent traction, heel, and sole. These are the most crucial when working on lines. Also, ensure your boot is waterproof and is shock resistant.

However, personal preferences matter significantly. As you choose the boot that works well for you, remember to check for the above qualities.



Linemen need adequate concentration when they are performing their duties. Wearing comfortable shoes appropriate for the job they are doing helps achieve such a concentration. The above list of the 4 best boots for lineman will work perfectly to achieve efficiency. Depending on your preference, any one of the above boots will be good for you. Alternatively, you can go for the dedicated lineman boot with all the necessary features to make you comfortable as you work atop a pole. However, you will need to keep changing these shoes before and after every assignment.

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