The Best Lipo Charger For The Money – Reviews 2018

best lipo charger
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A Lipo Charger is one of the primary components in drones and remote control race cars. They are what power some of the fun gadgets in the market.

When it comes to it, choosing the most appropriate gadget in the market is probably not a walk in the park.

The most critical thing is to make sure that the device takes care of your wattage needs. Good thing you found us just time to take you through some of the best Lipo Charger for the money in the market currently.


Best Lipo Charger For The Money

1.UP120AC Balancing Battery Multi-charger with 300Watt Power Supply

UP120AC is for those that are picky and want nothing but the best. Like all the quality products on the market, this charger will cost you a good amount of cash. However, that shouldn’t dampen your spirit as this product packs a significant amount of power. The charger can reach a high of 240W across the ports and handle any type of battery you have. And the good thing is that it has its own power supply – 300W – ensuring that it is consistently on track, charging your equipment as required for an extended period.

If you are among those serious about the racing cars, then you should go with the best LiPo Chargers for the money, cost notwithstanding, and you will surely be glad you did. With UP120AC, you will take your fun hobby to the next level. Make the right decision, and you will not be disappointed in the end.

Recommended Product: UP100AC Duo Dual 2 Port Balancing Battery Multi-Chemistry Multicharger 


2.Combo Special: Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger + Power Supply

Maybe you are among those looking for a charger that will fulfill a variety of purposes. If that is the case, then this programmable charger is your thing. Tenergy TB6-B battery can store relevant information of up to five cells making it among the best LiPo Chargers for those having different moving gadgets such as the race car and the drone. It is for those who just want a battery that can handle different battery needs from various devices.

Considering this multi-functionality, it is fair to say that this device is reasonably priced and worth having among you fun collection.



3.GoolRC B3 AC 2S 3S Compact LiPo Battery Charger for RC Quadcopter RC Car

Some people are just too price sensitive, but that is just how they are. You may be among them, but racing cars and drones are in your blood – nothing can separate you, even the price. If that applies to you, then this charger might be what you have been looking for all along. The price is at the bottom of the list, but as they say, you get what you pay for.

Its capacity is nothing to celebrate about, but it gets the work done and at a lower price. The charger is just for occasional use – not for those that are racing fanatics that spend hours on end competing with others.

This is a decent charger for those that are away for most of the time but are available on weekend afternoons. Serious RC enthusiasts that cannot let the sun go down without taking the plunge in the hobby should invest in better batteries. However, that is just how we are – we cannot all be the same, and there are products for everyone.

4.Genuine SKYRC Imax B6AC V2 Dual Battery Charger & Discharger

Serious RC hobbyists don’t go for substitutes; they go for something that defines them as serious people in the business of racing.  This is actually one product that will have your friends’ tongue wagging on end. The programmable charger has a quick charging capability that leaves you dumbfounded.  This charger’s modular construction allows you to have some cool features along the way. Having a WiFi capability that keeps you updated on the charging progress is not too shabby.

The charger is lightweight and moving around with it is not a big deal. The only trade-off to have this great battery and its features are the price. But as you have often heard, not everything good comes cheap. Invest in quality, and you will never look back in disappointment. That is if the RC hobby is something that makes your adrenaline juices boil over in you.


Selecting a Good LiPo Charger

The main thing that you have to decide on before you even look at the chargers is whether you want a programmable or just an ordinary plug-and-play device.

Plug-and-play don’t have a lot of fancy qualities – they are just ordinary. They are cheaper and are not technologically advanced if you know what I mean. You will not find anything like Wi-Fi capability or anything of the sort. Choose this type of battery if you are only interested in plunging into the hobby occasionally – may be on weekends?

Programmable chargers, however, are more expensive and but are quite impressive when it comes to features and functionality. A programmable that has memory is a good choice if you have several RCs with different charging needs. With this memory type, you will not need to keep changing the settings to suit the charging needs of each RC. Furthermore, they charge quicker than their plug-and-play counterparts.

Another thing you will need to determine is wattage. For most people, the 50-80W is sufficient for a single battery charge. This means that they don’t have that many devices and a single charge once in a while is enough for them. However, most people want something that can charge several devices at a go. If this happens to be the case for you, don’t fret, go for something with a bit more juice.

Multiple charging capabilities with quick charging demand the delivery of more amperage. You need just 2200mAH for a standard charge. However, this jumps to double that when it comes to rapid charging.

Take note of the type of batteries you have so that you may not be disappointed in the end. LiPo chargers typically have LiPo batteries, but that is not always the case. Some batteries can fall under a very different classification.


Safety and chargers

Even the best LiPo chargers can get hot and present a risk of fire. Always make sure to give your charging battery some space for cooling off. Don’t place the battery on top of a cushion or clothes. Instead, find some ceramic or wood to put your battery on if planning to go and get some work done.

Mishandling the batteries presents a range of risks and it is best to take maximum precautions where they are involved. Always make sure to have your battery on a heat resistant surface and away from combustibles such nylon products and paper.



There are basically two categories of LiPo batteries – the plug-and-play and programmable. The programmable batteries are the best and offer more than the ordinary plug-and-plays. However, how much you are willing to spend and your needs determine the kind of charger you will go for.

If you are looking for a high-performance charger with all the necessary capabilities, then Genuine SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 is among the best LiPo charger for the money in the market. It is lightweight and can handle up to five of your devices with different charging needs. The charge will make your task easier and will only need to concentrate on your RC racing car.

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