The 4 Best Milligram Scales – Reviews 2018

best milligram scale
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A milligram scale provides accurate measurements down to the milligrams. There are areas where every bit of weight counts significantly. Exceeding just slightly would be disastrous. Those working in the chemical industry can tell you how much a deviation of several ounces can mean. If you intend to buy a milligram scale, it is imperative to make sure that the resolution is appropriate. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with imitations that choosing the right scale is a challenge in itself. We know how important choosing the right milligram scale is for you and the area that you are working. So we have compiled a list of 4 best milligram scales that you can choose from and achieve the best results.

Top 4 Best Milligram Scales


The following products are the best milligram scales on the market. After long hours research and analysis, we confidently recommend these products which are the best products as milligram scales.

WAOAW Digital Milligram Scale 50 X 0.001g Reloading Jewelry Scale


WAOAW Digital Milligram Scale 50 X 0.001g Reloading Jewelry Scale Digital Weight with Calibration Weights Tweezers and Weighing Pans

If you are a jeweler, you want to get your money’s worth to the last ounce. However, reaching this objective should not be at the expense of all your savings.  The WAOAW digital milligram scale is favorable to your pocket. It comes with a calibration weight and tweezers making it genuinely cheap.

The scale weighs up to 50 grams but in increments of 0.001 gram. Everyone wants to purchase equipment that multi-functions and this scale does not disappoint. You can use the device as a karat scale, lab scale and jewelry scale. This means that you are covered should you require measuring something outside your area of work.

This scale has a compact size meaning that you can carry it to wherever you are going. You can never be too trusting, especially when it comes to diamonds or other precious stones. The same applies to chemicals.

The weighing platform is removable and easy to clean. This ensures that chances of contamination are minimal and the resulting mixture is as accurate as possible.

The only downside with this scale is its supposed weakness. Some users have complained that it malfunctions very easily.



American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 


American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

If you are among those interested in a scale that is both cheap and accurate, then this is your product. The Gemini 20 scale has a maximum range of 20g. It is accompanied by a carrying case thereby enhancing its portability. It also has a calibration weight, tweezers, and tray.

The ten-year warranty that the scale comes with guarantees its quality. This portable milligram scale is probably an attractive deal for such a product category. The Gemini 20 scale is versatile as it weighs grains, karats, oz, ozt, pennyweight, and gram. This means that you will not have to keep changing the equipment if you need to weigh different substances.

Like most cheap scales, Gemini 20 has been reported to have a problem reading under 10mg. However, it also has a pretty cool draft shield that enhances its accuracy by making sure air pressure does not affect the reading. The fact that the scale is made in China is another disadvantage. All in all, this fits the category of a good milligram scale on the cheaper end of things.




200×0.001g 1mg Digital Analytical Balance Precision Scale for Laboratories


200x0.001g 1mg Digital Analytical Balance Precision Scale for Laboratories

This milligram scale is among the best. What is really good about this scale is its accuracy. It has lab-grade precision under 10mg. That is if you are willing to let the scale warm up before you can use it. Its maximum weight is 200g.

When measuring, the device displays the reading with an LED backlight. It is entirely electronic meaning that it has an auto-calibration function. However, there is an option for manual calibration especially for those that love doing things on their own.

Such efficiency and accuracy are at a cost. The product is without a doubt premium-priced. But when you consider it carefully, the scale is the best that money can buy. If you are looking for something that will fulfill your needs, is durable and maintains quality over a long time, then this is definitely your product. There is no argument about that.



Smart Weigh GEM20 Digital High Precision Digital Milligram Scale Reviews

Smart Weigh GEM20 High Precision Digital Milligram Scale 20 x 0.001g

The GEM20 digital milligram scale is comparable to the GEM-20 in terms of functions. However, this is much cheaper than GEM-20. It is for the people looking for a scale that is both cheap and achieves a certain level of accuracy.

Like its predecessor, the scale comes with calibration weights, a draft shield and weighing weight to assist you to get the right reading. It is multifunctional allowing you to measure in different common units saving you the hassle of switching from one equipment to the next, now and then. We all love convenience.

For people who often use milligram scales now and then know that there particular items that are hard to measure. The GEM20 has a tare function specifically designed to deal with this difficulty.

For accuracy, the device utilizes a sensor system with a higher level of precision. This aids the user in getting the right reading of a product. You know how important this is especially if working in a laboratory set up.

Before this product is made available for sale, each item is first tested individually. It is then accompanied by a 2-year warranty. Overall, this is definitely among the best scales around.

How to use a milligram scale


Users of these scales understand how important accuracy is. For a person dealing in jewelry and precious stones, it means tons of cash. A reloader knows that a single milligram can be the difference between efficiency and inefficiency of the cartridge.

When you are choosing a scale, remember that the cheapest products are also the most inefficient. Determine how far you are willing to spend but go for quality. An inefficient scale can cost you considerably in terms of failed reactions, and wrong jewelry readings among others.

However, there are a few tricks in the book that you can employ to ensure accurate readings. Among them is using a draft shield. Most of the scales come with a draft shield, but some of us think using them is a waste of time. Rather, a draft shield provides you with the best chance of making an accurate reading and avoiding the repercussions of not using.

Use the tare function rarely. A simple subtraction of the container’s weight from the total will give you the necessary reading. It is better to acquire a better reading from just taking a little bit of time to do a simple calculation than using tare. The calculation is your best chance of accuracy.

Many people do not think that such a simple thing as letting the machine warm up can be the difference between achieving accuracy and getting a false reading. Just let the device warm up for a few minutes, and you will appreciate the resulting accuracy.


Picking The Best Milligram Scale For You


Before running to the stores to get your device, first determine the units you are going to use the majority of the time. Some scales in the market specialize in reading on the unit, and it would be tragic to go for the scales with the wrong units.

Most people prefer the scales where they are saved from the hassle of converting the measurements themselves. After all, machines are there to make our work much easier. The most common measures are ounces and grams. Diamond dealers and other people dealing with precious stones have karats. Reloaders are only interested in grains.

The price matters a lot when it comes to these types of scales. You cannot expect a cheap model to handle the intricacy of a lab reading. As the saying goes, what you get is what you have paid for. But unless you are those geniuses playing around with chemical in a lab, basic cheap scales will be fitting for most. You just need to know how to use them.



The above is a compilation of 4 best milligram scales you can choose from. Depending on the area of trade you are in, the best product must fulfill your needs efficiently. There is no need of dealing with a device that you got cheaply and is giving you a lot of trouble. Invest in a good machine if accuracy is a critical matter for you. However, you will not go wrong if choose any of the above-recommended products.