Best Router Bits For The Money – How To Select

Woodworkers deal with a variety of different projects that includes varied materials, sizes, and thickness of stock. Wood is a popular material that they prefer to work with for construction of varied types of projects. The shaping of wood holds a significant position in such projects and thus you will a number of tools related to wood shaping. One such tool is a wood router. Routers are popular tools that make woodworking easier and this tool is nothing without the use of a proper router bit. The creative shaping of a wood piece is done with the use of an appropriate router bit. When opting for some proper router bits, you need to understand specific features of different types of bits and thus can then select the best router bits your workshop.

There is a wide range of router bits available in the market and each router bit is designed for some specific kind of work with wood. Thus every woodworker should have specific kind of router bits that are declared most useful for their specific tasks of woodworking projects. Here we have listed the perfect routers bits that would help you analyze which ones would you need?

Why Are Woodtek Router Bits Such A Popular Brand?


Woodtek is recognized as one of the highest quality and most popular brands of tools and accessories for professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike. Designing and developing the best woodworking tools and accessories always starts with using only the finest grades of materials available and the Woodtek product line is no exception. It is a time honored philosophy and tradition that the company has always adhered to and it shows in the quality of tools and related accessories offered on the market today.

Granted, the quality of Woodtek router bits and other tools that they produce based on the quality of materials used in the production process.

However, there are other factors and features involved in the production of their tools to be aware of including the following:

ISO standards – the International Organization for Standardization assures that all tool manufacturers met rigid consistency and quality standards when producing their different product lines. ISO Common Market Directives are applied and audited independently for quality control purposes.

Heat forged steels – the Fatigue Proof® trademark ensures that you are purchasing Woodtek router bits that provide the user with abrasion and fatigue resistance, superior strength, and uniformity. If this is good enough for Ferrari and Porsche engines, you know it will be good enough for your tools.

Superior carbide grades – the finish maximization and a longer lifespan of Woodtek tools is attributed to their use of superior carbide grades available for woodworking tools and their accessories. Unlike off-the-shelf standard carbide materials, superior carbide grades prevent quick dulling of cutting, drilling, and routing bit edges.

Protective coatings – in order to reduce friction and heat build-up, a protective coating is required. If friction and heat build-up are not prevented, this could easily result in cracking and other damage to the tool your are using. It also helps to prevent resin adhesion while protecting your Woodtek router bits from corrosion.

Anti-kickback design – one of the most dangerous occurrences in woodworking is tool kickback. Woodtek’s anti-kickback design helps to overcome this and protects the user from experiencing a serious injury when using their woodworking tools. Kickback reducing “shoulders” are installed in order to create a safer working environment.

Shear and hook angles – Woodtek router bits are engineered so that they slice through different woods with considerable ease. Developing proper shear and hook angles helps to improve the finishing quality of the Woodtek router bits or other Woodtek tools that your are using and reduces the amount of finish sanding that you have to do.


Best Budget Router Bits

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Some Important Router Bits

Straight Router Bits: One of the most commonly used router bits is the straight router bit. With the aid of these bits, you can easily make straight cuts and can make hollow areas on your workpiece with ease. When shopping for this router bit, you will find varied diameters from 3/16 inch to 1.5 inches and so you can choose according to your preference and requirement of the job.

Flush Trim Router Bits: These router bits include a ball bearing having a size similar to the cutting radius of this router bit. These router bits prove best for edging and trimming of material and you can give multiple identical shapes with the use of this bit.

Rabbeting Router Bit: With the use of this router bit, you can easily cut material placed in either vertical or horizontal position. Edging of material is easier with the use of this tool and it includes ball bearings that are offered in various diameters/sizes. With this feature, you can make different dimensions of rabbet without having the need of buying different routers of varied sizes.

Edge Forming Router Bits: If you would need to make varied creative and decorative edging on your wood piece, this could be achieved with edge forming router bits. You will find different variety of edge forming router bits and be choosing one would really depend upon your task requirement. Some of the most common ones include Roundover bits (used for cut rounded edges), Cove routing bits(cutting concave circle), Ogee bits (S-shaped cut) etc.

Chamfer Router Bits: For bevel cuts at a specific angle, this router it is considered most appropriate one. Usually, woodworkers use these for decorative edge cutting of doors and panels.

Stile and Rails Router Bits: For construction work related to panel cutting and for combining horizontal layering of material with its vertical layer. Stile and Rail bits come in a package and you can combine these bits for making horizontal rail and vertical stile profiles.

Raised Panel Bits: The raised panel bit is used for decorative door panels and for the creation of varied profiles on wood.You can add diversity to your woodworking job with its horizontal and vertical configuration.

Factors To Consider To Select Router Bits

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As discussed earlier that many of the different types, models, shapes and sizes of router bits are available in the market and choosing one really depends upon nature and requirement of your project. However here we have listed some of the factors that must be kept in mind while selecting the best router bit for the money to use with your wood router. These factors include

Router Bit Shanks Diameter: Usually you will find combination interchangeable wood routers with collets 1/4 and 1/2 inch so you can easily use any of these sizes of a bit. However, there are some that would only work with 1/4 inch shank bit. It is best to use bits with the size of 1/2 inch shank as you will get more stability and longevity with a better smoother performance of cut.

Material: Many of the router bits include High speed steel cutting edge or one with carbide tips. Carbide ones are harder than the other time and will give you longer holding of edge. These are preferred because they are stiffer, however, when dealing with carbide ones you must take care of handling and storage.

Quality: Quality couldn’t be judged well with eyes and thus you need to consider different factors to assess quality. Carbide ones that we discussed earlier have a fine edge and they are thicker. These bits can easily deal with re-grindings and would have minimized the risk of kickbacks from the workpiece. Such bits have more body mass and they dissipate heat. Such bits would prevent bits from going too deep into the material that it may kick back. These bits are more durable ones.

Best Router Bits for Beginners


Having all the details on which router bits are suitable in which situations and now that you have understood all the basics, it would be easier for you to select perfect router bits. For beginners, once you decide on getting a suitable wood router, next step is to look for ideal router bits for use initially. Selection of router bit really depends upon which router bit would be suitable for your project in hand? Would buy a router set seems viable for your work? How much are you going to use the bit? And how much do you want to spend over it? If you won’t be doing one single work each day and if you have a variety of tasks, buying a basic set would be the more suitable decision.