The 4 Best Tube Benders – Reviews 2022

Tube benders are the mechanical device which is used to bend the pipes or tube. The different geometrical shape can be given by using tube benders. Let’s see some of the best tube benders before we help you decide what exactly you’re looking for. These benders can bend single or multiple bends in a single pipe or tube according to the requirement of different types of operations.

Overview of  Tube Benders 

The process of tube bending with the help of tube bender is used to form different complex shapes and for different ductile metal tubing. In general operations, the round stock is used for tube bending.

But in some special cases, the rectangular and square are also made with tube benders to full fill the requirement of a job. There are the different factor are involved when using a tube bender to bend the pipe or tube.

The factors are tooling, thickness, wall size and other which effect the bending operation. We use pipe benders in this article.

best tube benders
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Pipes and tubes may seem strong and agile, but they need special handling especially when it comes to bending them.

Wrong handling can damage the pipe making it unusable in the process. To avoid kinking and tearing, you need specialized tools to make those perfect arcs that seem as though they are natural.

There are a significant number of benders in the market and choosing just the right one may prove harder than it seems.

To assist you in your quest, we include a list of tube benders in the market, and we go further and include more information that you will definitely find useful.

Tube Bender Reviews

1.General Tools S106 Tubing Bender Set

Best Tube Benders

Spring benders may not be the most powerful, but they are the most convenient. Their performance on plumbing works where several bends are needed is unquestionable.

In other words, this tube bender set is something that ardent plumbers should never be caught without. Consistent with various plumbing needs, the tubing bender set to cover a wide variety of sizes. The set might be just the perfect tools that you have been looking for all along.

This is especially true when you find yourself dealing with a complicated project. Generally, this is the tube benders you can find in the market. There are different models are present in manual tube bender, with unique qualities and functions.

This precision tube bender is one of good quality of bending machines, which contains unique qualities and feature.


2.ATD-54723-in-1 180 Degree Tube Bender

ATD-54723-in-1 180 Degree Tube Bender

This is another top quality product that will make your bending of non-ferrous pipes and tubes an easy job. If are looking for a product that is kind to your pocket, then you will be in good stead with this bender.

In the majority of cases, this bender will prove the right one for the job.

However, just like the first one in the review, this product is designed for those that deal with lightweight metal tubes such as aluminum. For those that are in the business of bending pipes and tubes, this will make a great choice and should have it in their bag of tools.

Even though the price is low, the quality is not.


3.OTC 6515 3-in-1 180 Degree Tubing Bender

OTC 6515 3-in-1 180 Degree Tubing Bender

This bender is perfect when it comes to handling light steel pipes and the like. It is quite the low-priced option that will allow you short piping work to the extent of 180 degrees. It is truly a good selection for the light pipes and tubes.

If you are working on heavier steel piping, you may need to look elsewhere as this tube bender will fall short in that department.

This bender works well where such metals as aluminum and copper are involved. As a matter of fact, you may never need to worry about the ugly looking bends on tubes ever again with this bender.


4.Torin T31202/TA1202 Pipe Bender – 12 Ton

Torin T31202/TA1202 Pipe Bender – 12 Ton

Once in a while, you will come across jobs involving heavy-duty piping. In such a situation, you will not need to mint words and may be required to go for the very best, and this product is it.

Torin is low-priced considering what it can do. You will be able to handle a wide variety of projects with this tool meaning that it is quite versatile.

This hydraulic bender is adjustable and will cover a wide variety of angles. It is good for heavy duty structural bending and will adjust according to your needs. If you are looking for one of the tube benders, then this is without a doubt among them.



The Type of Benders

All the above benders function the same but will end up being used in different kinds of projects. The difference between the tube and pipe bender should not worry you too much as the two almost function the same way, and definitely, they are the same thing. Tubes and pipes are almost the same.

The difference is actually in how each type is used. Tubes are common in structural works while pipes are hollow metals used to transport liquids in the majority of cases. Hand benders are the convenient types that workers in the field carry along. They are expedient and easy to use.

All you need to do with this kind of bender is slot in the pipe or tube and then turn the handle for the bend that you require. The shortcoming with hand benders is that they are not the best when it comes to large pipes and thick-walled steel and iron.

If you force them where they are unsuitable, they tend to kink the pipe or get stuck, meaning that you may achieve nothing with them.

However, they make a great selection where they are applied to the right kind of tubing. Another problem with these hand benders is where complicated projects are involved. For example, where multiple bends are required, you will find that these benders are useless.

They cannot easily afford to negotiate bends where the amount of area needed is minimal. Spring benders may be the weakest, but they are the most effective where both accuracy and multiple bends are required.

However, they require a bit more manual effort than any other type. You may find yourself getting tired after handling a heavy-duty piping. However, they are great tools for plumbing works where small and thin materials are involved.

Regardless, these are great tools if only they are used in the right way and for the right purpose. Hydraulic benders are heavy duty stuff. They are excellent where heavy steel pipes are involved. These are the right kind of benders where the tubes and pipes are meant for large projects. Anyone can operate this great tool, as long as, they can hack how to use it.


Should I get a Tube Bender for the House?

Having a tube bender in the house is not shabby if you are the DIY kind of person. You will find it necessary to bend the metal or tubes lying around in your garage during your free time.

However, if you don’t have any projects on the side, then having a bender may not be appropriate. We recommend a hand bender for those little projects you have around the house. They are easy to use and will not cost you a fortune.

Any DIYer will find them quite useful and worth every penny as they will give good service. However, if you are the heavy metalworking type, then the hydraulic tube bender will be the most fitting. Torin is one machine that comes to mind when mentioning hydraulic benders – it is a great investment.

When it comes to bending tubes and pipes, you need the tube benders in the market to ensure you get the best. For lightweight works and plumbing, hand benders are the most appropriate. If the goal is precision and numerous bends, go with the spring benders – most appropriate when it comes to plumbing projects. Leave the heavy-duty bending to the right machine, the hydraulic bender.

The benders are good tools to have around. Therefore, don’t scoff at the opportunity of owning one if you are into DIY projects.

Happy bending!

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