Best Wood Burning Tools – Beginners and Buying Guide 2018

Wood burning, otherwise known as pyrography is an art, fun, engaging and entertaining. If you are just starting out, everything may seem complicated. Wood is fun to work on because it is a commodity that can be found everywhere. It is also very versatile and can make almost every piece of art from drawings, word imprint to sculptures by using the Best Wood Burning Tool. You may find that learning a new art is difficult and complicated at first, but as you learn how it works, you begin to enjoy working on it.

Wood Burning Tools Reviews (Comparison Table)

NameWeightAuthor's RatingDetails
Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool1 pound4.1
GOCHANGE 23 Pcs / 110 V Kit8.8 ounces3.4
Sparkleberry Wood Burning Kit11.2 ounces3.4
SE 28-Piece Wood Burning Set4.8 ounces4.1
Razertip Dual Burner2.5 pounds4.5
Razertip Single Burner2.3 pounds4.8
Walnut Hollow Woodburner Value Pen6.1 ounces4.3
Wall Lenk 10-in-1 Tool Kit1 pounds4.2
Weller 25-Watt Woodburning Kit12.8 ounces3.9
Wood Burning Tool and Pen Set1 pound3.5

Best Wood Burning Tool For Beginners

If you are considering wood burning, it is necessary that you get yourself the best wood burner tool for the job. Without the right tools, wood burning is not a fun and enjoyable art. Instead, it becomes a tough task that you do not want to engage in. While there are many brands and tools in the market that claim to be the best wood burning kit, there are only a few that pass the test of time. You should know which one they are so you do not end up wasting a lot of money buying tools that will not be helpful to you.


1.Walnut Wood Burning Tool


wood burning tool reviews

Comfortable grip

If you are going to come up with a great piece of art, you are probably going to spend a lot of time using these professional pyrography tools. This is top of this list of pyrography tools because the manufacturer has made the grip ergonomic.

This is great news because it allows you to use the tool for long hours without feeling pain in your hard. The grip is also made in such a way that your hand is protected from the heat that is emitted.

Variable temperature

Of course, you want a tool that allows you to work on several materials. With this tool, kits are easy for you to work on leather, paper, and wood. Furthermore, it has a temperature dial that allows you to control the heat between 0 -950 Fahrenheit.

What we liked

  • Affordable
  • Convenient to use
  • Comfortable grip
  • Have 11 interchangeable points
  • Made of high-quality materials that do not bend

What We didn’t like

  • A small pen gets heated too much too fast

Cons Solution

  • Blow on the tip to cool it down.


2.Walnut Pyrography Tool


This great tool is listed third on this wood burning tool reviews because it is perfect for all stages.

professional wood burning set
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If you are just starting out, this tool will grow with you.

UL approved

If you are worried about certifications by an authoritative body, this is the tool for you. It is certified, making it perfect for home use. This is one of the top pyrography tools for sale.

What we liked

  • Ideal for all level wood carvers
  • Have four different tips
  • Works on most wood types
  • Maintains a constant 950 Fahrenheit temperature

What we didn’t like

  • The tip breaks easily

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3.Wall Lenk 10-in-1 Tool Kit


wood burning tool kit
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Why should you pay more to get this tool while you can equip yourself with this 10-in-1 full house kit? It contains all you want to make woodworking your hobby. All the different pieces are specifically designed to handle a certain issue in solving the curving puzzle for you.


Unlike other burning tools, this kit is highly portable. It comes with a storage case that makes taking it with you around to where the job takes you is easy. It’s also lightweight therefore it does not require a lot of efforts or transportation to use it away from your wood carving store. The case also helps in ensuring that everything you need is in there without the possibilities of leaving behind important tips for the work.


All the tips have their specific purpose. In other words, when you have this kit, if all you want is to draw particular patterns, there is a tip for that. You don’t need to use the burning tip for cutting neither should you use the fusing tip for soldering.

All the tips are arranged in a way that you will always know which one to use and when. There are 7- burning tips, 1-soldering tip, and 2- fusing and cutting tips.


This kit operates within 1-30W. All the tools are made to handle large power supply to ensure that you get the work done even when you are carving on the hardest wood. The tips hold a maximum temperature limit of up to 1080 degrees.

What we liked

  • Easy to use
  • Tool stand plus storage case
  • Affordable compared to the others
  • Portable
  • Convenient for outdoor usage

What we didn’t like

  • Handle gets really hot
  • Excessive work distorts the tips

Cons solution

  • Use wood burner gloves every time you are using it
  • It’s a better tool for home projects



4.Weller 25-Watt Short Barrel– Woodburning Tool Kit


professional pyrography toolsLightweight

The last thing you want is a tool that is heavy. Heavy wood burning tools make the work difficult and painful to handle. This tool is featherweight allowing you to use it for hours without getting tired.

China made

One thing about China-made products is that they are affordable. This tool is imported from China. It is made from the highest quality materials that make it second on the best pyrography tools review because of its affordability.

Complete project book

If you are a newbie, you need all the guidance you can get on the best tools and the best methods to use when working on your wood. Therefore, this company is willing to give you all the guidance you need and allow you to make exquisite art. If you are a seasoned woodworker, you may also get wood burning art tips that you did not know could work.

What we liked

  • Affordable
  • You Can use for siding, handtools, roofing and tool organizers
  • Has a heat resistant handle
  • Comes with nine wood burning tips

What we didn’t like

  • The handle may get a bit heated at high temperatures

Cons Solution

  • Blow the handle occasionally and always wear heat resistant working gloves.



5. Wood Burning Tool & Pen Set 

wood burning tools

If you are looking for a cheap wood burning tool, then you should consider going towards the 40-piece wood burning kit direction. It’s all you need to improve your carving skills. It perfectly fits all skill levels from beginners to expect.

Blade tweezers

This kit has 4- stainless steel blade tweezers. They are specifically made to ensure you can replace the tips even when still hot. All the tweezers come in different shapes. There is extra fine, fine, curved stamp and round angle tip. Every tweezer has some pen tips it can hold and therefore, making work flexible and easy.

Pen tips specifications

All the tips are divided into various usage plan. The kit has a total of 40 pieces, which are; 4 blade tweezers, one soldering stand, one wood burning pen plus 34 pieces wood burning tips. Therefore, whichever design or shape you want to achieve, you can only choose a certain tip, and you are good to go.

This best wood burning tool kit also comes with a manual that helps you know how to use and replace the tips when you have to.

What we liked

  • Ideal for all wood burning experience
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to change the tips with blade tweezers

What we didn’t like

  • Takes log to heat
  • Handle gets very hot

Cons solution

  • Put on curving gloves when using the burner
  • Heat the tips on maximum voltage

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6.GO CHANGE 23 Pcs / 110 V Full Set Wood Burning Kit


best wood burning kitAre you a beginner, intermediate or an expert in the wood curving field? Here is an all perfect user kit. This premium GOCHANGE industries kit contains the best pyrography tools for every skill level. If you are an expert in carving, soldering or embossing, there is always a piece for you.

The set has 22 assorted pieces for wood carving/ embossing/burning and soldering tips plus one wood burning pen, which makes the kit to have a total of 23 pieces in one set. Therefore, with this particular set, you have all you need to create any design. You can perfectly use them on all wood type suitable for drawing letters, decoration and burning onto wood cork and leather.

All the pieces are made using iron and copper. Therefore, they are all suitable for external heating type electric iron. They are also not candidates for rust or corrosion. This is an indication that they will provide you longevity and in return, help you advance your skills.

Importantly, it’s good to know that this is a pyrography pen, therefore, it will not work like all the other soldering iron. Therefore, when you are using it, ensure to regulate the heat to avoid any possible accidents of burning the entire wood piece by over-heating. Also, ensure that you are using it in a ventilated space.

What we liked

  • All-time Professional Pyrography tools for any skill level
  • Easy to change the tips
  • Highly affordable
  • Suitable for 30W external heating

What we didn’t like

  • Does not have a manual
  • Changing the tips waste time because it must cool down completely

Cons solution

  • Use pliers when changing the tips
  • Take time learning how to use it



7.Sparkleberry Wood Burning Kit


professional wood burning tools

It may be obvious that you already have a tool like this in your store. However, we all need upgrading into something that is versatile and flexible in usage. This is where Sparkleberry industries come in. They offer a variety of tools that every artist would need to advance their carving and wood burning skills.

This set comes with all you need to ensure you become a better pyrographer. It comes with 20 soldering tips, a case, a stencil sheet, a set of finger grips and a stand. These are all essential tools for every artist. Also, you get 36-inch cordwood burning iron in the same set package.

The set is a complete money saver, you don’t have to spend more money finding different pieces, and this one time buy them all.

You can also easily change the tips. With the help of pliers to hold the tips especially when hot, you will be able to change the tips from one to the other for efficiency sage. All the tips are specifically made for a particular design, therefore when you change them like a pro, you will get the job done at a more interesting pace.

However, in case you experience any problems with the set, Sparkleberry industries guarantee you a replacement or refund. This only happens when you communicate the problem in advance to the support team.

What we liked

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • Suitable for all types of wood burning
  • 36inch cordwood burning iron
  • Finger grips

What we did’t like

  • Gets very hot
  • Has no temperature control button

Cons solution

  • Ensure you plug in and out of the socket more often



8.SE 28 Wood Burning Pen


wood burning tools for beginners


If you are a wood carver, you need a set of equipment that will make your work easier and more convenient. In the long run, whether you are a newbie or seasoned carver, certain tools will make a great difference to the way you do your work and the way your work looks to others.

This wood set is a must-have in this list of the best wood burning pen. Here, you get basic letters, symbols, and alphabets that you can use to calligraphy.

Varied wood burning tips

You are also looking for a tool that allows you to vary how you work on the wood. As a newbie, you want to learn all the techniques in which you will use your wood. In fact, you need to get the best wood burning pen that will help you in this process. This tool is perfect in this respect.

What we liked

  • Versatile
  • Many tips
  • Comes with basic letters and alphabets
  • Affordable

What we didn’t like

  • The tips are smaller than they look



9. Razertip – Single Burner


pyrography starter kit

If you are an artist, looking for a way to better your skills, then having the best pyrography tools is essential.  Therefore nothing works better than having this burner in your store. With an output of 10amp, it provides the fastest tip heat recovery across the industry.

All the features are genetically put together to ensure a round result of your wood carving experience within the shortest time possible. It comes with a 16-gauge heavy-duty cord, one BPH pen (interchangeable tip) and one SK burner.

Control circuitry

This system has ultra-stable circuitry control. This ensures that burning is consistent even when you turn it on-off and on again, such that you will not even note the effect when off. It maintains the heat for some minutes to ensure you don’t waste your lines. This works better when you are reversing the handpiece cords for heavy-duty or extra flex cords.


Direct from the manufacturer; this product comes with a one-year warranty for the pen and three years for the power supply. Therefore, when you are using it in your store you have full freedom of using it.

What we liked

  • Easy to use and saves time
  • Compatible with other heavy-duty cords
  • Convenient control circuitry

What we didn’t like

  • Slightly expensive

Cons solution

  • Cheap is always expensive too. The price indicates the tool is top notch



10. Dual SSD-10 Burner 


razertip single burner w/ pen

This is one of the best wood burning tool on the market. It includes one interchangeable tip (BPH) pen, dual burner razor tip SSD-10AMP, and one 16duty cord. However, for dual hand capability, you need an additional pen and cord. With this important tool, you are sure that all your wood curving issues you can solve faster and easier.

Light indicator

When working the hand-piece light indicator confirms the operability of both the cord and pen thus saving the confirming time for other responsibilities. In other words, when you start curving a certain line, you will not miss the creativity to confirm the operation of your tool.

Power supply

Having a tool that has extraordinary power usage is wonderful but having a power supply of 10amp output is superb. It ensures you save time due to the faster tip heating ability. This is the best power output present in the entire carving industry. Additionally, you get the best control circuitry that allows you the privilege of switching on-off and on again without losing heat.


The warranty rounds up everything about the product to ensure that your skills are rewarded. The manufacturers have kept you protected with the three years’ warranty on power supply and one year in the pen. In other words, you can enjoy the quality pro-activeness of the instrument as you advance your artistic skills.

What we liked

  • 10amp power output
  • Easy to use
  • Hand-piece light indicator
  • Consistent burning

What we didn’t like

  • The pen burns a little hotter when put on for a longer period

Cons solution

  • Utilize the on-off and on again formula



Why Should You Trust US

If you have ever been dubbed into buying a tool that ended up being bad, then you know the pain of spending your hard-earned money on a tool that could not do what it was supposed to do. When reading this pyrography tools review, you may be wondering what makes us different from the other reviewers out there.

Well, to begin with, I have been a wood carver for years. I love wood carving, and I spend most of my time doing it. As such, I have had my fair share of disappointments. After a while, however, I have learned what works and what does not.

Once you become a seasoned user, it is easy for you to tell which tools are bad quality and which ones are great just by looking at them the first time. I have used all the tools in this review, and I know they are as good as they are rated here.

Wood Burning: A Complete Guide

You may be wondering what the wood burning art is all about. Well, the term refers to the art of using burn marks on wood to produce art.  Essentially, a heated tool called poker or the pyrography pen helps the artists scribble on the wood.

1.The things you need for wood burning art

  • A piece of wood

Not all pieces of wood are good for the art. Light-colored hardwood is the best material for pyrography. For example, birch, beech, basswood, and sycamore produce the best results.  Their grain is not obtrusive.

However, that does not suggest that you should not use other types of wood. Oak, pine, and maple are also known to produce satisfactory results. If you choose softwood, always keep in mind that it burns faster and may not require as much effort or as hot a tool as the hardwood.

  • The wood burning tool

A Pyrography pen is a unique tool that comes with four tips. There are other pens with various tips, and so just like the best wood carving tools for beginners, you should choose the one that fits your budget and needs.

Please note that wood burning is not like any other art. Get familiar with the pyrography tool because it is harder than your normal writing. However, with a few practice lessons, you are sure to get better.

Practice using the different tips provided to burn straight lines, round figures, and shading.  The most important thing is going slow and steady. Any jerky movements will always show on the final product.

  • A wet paper towel

This comes in handy as you will always need to wipe the accumulated wood residue off. Burning is a process that will displace some wood particles as burning continues. Therefore, wiping the tip occasionally is important.

  • Carbon paper

A carbon paper will help you transfer the image to the piece of wood. As a beginner, you will find that this process is vital and will help burn good art on pieces of wood.

  • Sandpaper

A sand paper will help smoothen the surface before to you begin with the wood burning. Also, after you are done with the burning, the sand paper will make sure that you get rid of any top residue that remains on the wood.

2.Things to note

  1. After you have chosen your piece of wood, please note the direction of the grain before you start your burning.  The direction of the grain can cause your burning tool to deviate leading to a mistake.
  2. The figure is another factor that you should consider at all times before you start with your burning. In a real sense, the figure can enhance or negatively affect the final burned image on the wood.
  3. The wood texture is another critical element that would influence the final design. Soft wood is more likely to be fine in texture than the hardwood. Therefore, you may move your burning pen faster on it.
  4. Other things such as the color, luster, and figure should enhance the overall art. Don’t try too hard to hide this natural beauty and instead use it to enhance the art.
  5. The burning process should be smokeless. This means that if you find your burning has too much smoke, then it is best to minimize the amount of heat.

For safety purposes, make it a practice always to use a dust mask. Fine wood dust is harmful and can cause a long-term injury to your lungs. Avoid any pressure-treated wood or any treatment on wood. Wood treated with chemicals gives out noxious fumes which are quite harmful. You should avoid all human-made boards at all costs as they are health hazards when burned. Download This pdf FileSafety Begins at Home

3.Starting out with the project

  • Choose a design that you want to burn on the piece of wood. The options are infinite, and all you need to do is google anything that interests you. However, be sure to add “black and white illustration” at the end of the term you intend to search. On the web, you are most likely to find great results that will leave you leering for choice.  Next, resize the image to fit your piece of wood.
  • Prepare the wood: There is a different method of preparing various types of wood. Softwood would need more sanding than the hardwood.  The direction determines the effort that you will put into the burning. Please note that you can also utilize pre-fab wood.With prefab wood, which you can get from your local store, you may never have to worry about the direction of the grain. With prefab wood, which you can get from your local store, you may never have to worry about the direction of the grain.
  •  Transfer the design to the wood: Fix your paper image on the wood with a carbon paper at the center. Use a tape to set them on the wood and make sure they are not moving.

Check that the image is appropriately in place. It should not appear to be slanted in any way.

  • Trace the image Using your pen, trace the outline of your image applying appropriate pressure on the paper to make sure that it comes out on the carbon. Where there is more shading, shade as well. You will want your art to appear just the way it is on paper.
  • Burn the outline After removing the paper and carbon, use your pyrography pen to follow the outline you imprinted on the piece of wood. To make it easy, you should go along the grain as best as you can.

At first, you will be a little jerky, but you will improve with practice.

  • Shading After completing the outline, what remains now is shading. Most pens come with a shading tip, therefore, use it to fill in the spots that need it. At this stage, you will need to keep wiping the tip of any residue that may be getting on it.


The best woodburning tool will vary from person to person. There are several things you will have to consider when choosing the wood burning art for beginners. One of the things you will have to think about is how much are you willing to spend for the right tools? What brands do you deem as the best? Where do you want your tools made from? Such question will guide you when choosing a great tool to use. Wood burning art is quite an exciting and fulfilling thing that you can do especially if you are looking for a hobby. It may take some time before you can finally get the hang of it, however, be persistent and you will become a pro.

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