The Best Woodworking Magazines – Reviews (Updated 2018)

For some people, woodworking is a fulfilling hobby that gets their creative juices flowing. Some may be in the process of starting woodworking while others are established, professionals. But regardless of the level, you may be, you need a good woodworking publication to keep you updated of the current going-ins.


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A good subscription would complement your talent in a good way. It would inform you of the trending techniques and tools, as well as, the changes in the legal landscape.

However, picking the right magazine among the numerous in the market can prove a hard task. Here, we provide a list of the woodworking magazines in 2018.

Woodworking Magazine For Beginners
  1. Shopnotes is highly recommended
  2. Woodsmith is Best for beginners

Best Woodworking Magazine For Beginners

1.Wood Magazine

best woodworking magazine

The title tells you what the publication is all about.  This magazine is an excellent journal for woodworkers looking for various DIY projects that don’t need so many specialized tools.

The magazine has 14 issues in two years, and the cost of subscription is just affordable. This is quite affordable considering the quality of its contents – it is an absolute bargain, I must say.

The target audience for wood is the beginners who have just discovered they have a thing for woodworking and the stuff. Their primary focus is the simple DIY projects that you can complete using the simplest of tools.

The attractive design and great content in an easy-to-read format will make any woodworking novice fall in love with this magazine and be always on the lookout for every new publication.


2.Woodsmith Magazine


Woodsmith is a household name in woodworking circles. Over the years, this magazine has established itself adequately as an authority on matters woodworking.

It is one of the most common features on the shelves of more ardent woodworkers, and for a good reason. It does not focus on selling you tools but rather, to help you develop new skills.

This journal comes in your mailbox once every two months – this rate should tell you how popular it is. Woodsmith is for both the professionals and those just coming out of the woods in terms of skills.

It is a magazine whose primary objective is to help you gain the skills that will make you become the pro that you have always wanted to be.

Without a doubt, this magazine is for those that are serious about making it in the woodworking arena – it is not for the fainthearted. Woodsmith easily makes any list of the woodworking magazine for beginners any time.




3.Fine Woodworking Magazine

fine woodworking

This is another magazine that requires no introduction whatsoever. It is a publication for all skill levels in woodworking.

In other words, a beginner, as well as, a pro will find this magazine quite useful. It includes projects that do not exclude anyone based on skill level.

The majority of featured articles are on furniture, and so many will find it invaluable in a way. However, this is one magazine that has lots of ads selling tools – you will have to deal with this fact. You will have to select the information that is most relevant to you beside the ads.

The uninterested parties may find the magazine as just a piece published to generate revenues, but the truly serious will find it a gem.

Regardless, this is one of the top woodworking magazines for beginner to those that matter – the woodworkers.




4.Woodworker’s Journal

woodworkers journal

The woodworker’s journal is a bit technical for the faint-hearted – the novices included. The projects therein are something that will leave your head reeling with so much information. But that does not mean it is just for the pros. The beginners can still find inspiration from it.

The majority of the content is not about how to use a particular tool, but rather, project ideas. It does not deal with how you are going to use your tools as long as you figure out the best route to do the project. The target audience includes the passionate hobbyists and professional woodworkers. If you fit in this category, then you are in good hands with this publication.

The ‘who is who’ in the woodworking sphere would definitely find this magazine a real gem to flaunt on their desk frequently. Beginners need a strong will and interest to hack it. Overall, this is a serious magazine for serious woodworkers.


Picking a Subscription

If just finding out that your interest lies in woodworking, then don’t fret yourself by picking the most advanced magazine in the market. Pick “Wood, ” and you will be fine.

This is one magazine that is simple to use as the wording, the vocabulary and the projects focus on the beginner. But just because you are starting out does not mean you should be restricted to beginner magazines.

Take the leap once in a while and purchase other specialized magazines to have a clearer perspective of where you are headed.

However, that will depend on your personality and the much you are willing to give for a magazine. Fine Woodworking and wordsmith are for those with relatively developed skills.

These two publications assume that you know your way around the woodworking trade and they see no need of dwelling on the basics.

They go right into the midlevel projects and help those with a few years of woodworking find their way into the trade. The Woodcrafter’s Journal and Fine Woodworking are for the experienced.

They are journals that skip a lot relating to the basics and focus on high-end wood projects.


Why a Magazine?

In the age of the internet, picking any print publication can feel old fashioned. However, a magazine helps you feel like you are holding some valuable information in your hands.

Magazines also provide an easy and safe way of referencing the material while working. You cannot whittle away when your laptop or tablet is sitting right there on the desk.

No one can comfortably say that they are an expert in the art with the skills and consistent flow of ideas. Magazines are a good way to refresh your skills and obtain helpful ideas for your next great project.

Woodworking magazines create a sense of belonging. It makes woodworkers feel that they truly belong to a community of woodworkers.

The manner in which information is displayed is a source of inspiration for many in the woodworking trade whether a beginner or a veteran.



Subscribing to a woodworking magazine consistent with our skill level is often a good idea. It provides you with the opportunity to develop the skills and become established in the trade.

Getting a magazine periodically can be a good investment with great returns. You get to learn all the necessary information within a period of time. It is the one that is according to your skill level.

However, it can all depend on your personality and the amount you are willing to invest. You can pick a higher skill level to serve as a source of inspiration to become the best in the field. Happy woodworking!