Bosch T4B Miter Saw Stand | Review

Created with the same technology as Bosch’s celebrated TS2000 Table Saw Stand, the T4B Gravity Rise Miter Saw Stand is a home improvement must-have.

It is ideal for professionals as well as the weekend warrior and the Do-it-yourself handyman. It makes working with a miter saw so much easier.

It is also an ideal woodworking tool to ease the burden of having to transport the saw from one place to another.

Bosch T4B Miter Saw Stand


To give you a better idea of what the T4B really is, here are some the stand’s features that we liked the best during our review.


Portable and Easy to Use

When you do a lot of woodworking, your saw is going to be one of the most indispensable machines in your tool box. However, it can be a nightmare to work with a saw, especially if you do not have the right stand for it.

If you have a miter saw, then you will definitely appreciate the portable design of the Bosch T4B. For one, it can be converted into a variety of shapes with simple maneuvering.

Our favorite is the one that essentially turns the stand into a cart complete with wheels. This makes transporting the saw from work area to storage go so much easier.

It is also a favorite feature among professionals who always have trouble lugging their saws around.

Aside from an easy transport design, the saw also collapses so that it can be stored without much trouble.

All you have to do is to manipulate the release lever found on the tool to change the shape. Set-up and Breakdown are achieved in a matter of seconds.


Wide Grip

The stand has an 18 inch grip capacity, which allows users to do most tasks without needing extra assistance. The design also allows for quick release tool mounts for quick access and allows users to quickly attach and detach the saw from the stand itself.


Rubber Feet

One of the main problems we have when working with power tool stands like the T4B Saw Stand is that it can scratch floors when it is laden with heavy items. But, just like the Rockwell Jawhorse, we reviewed earlier, this Bosch Saw Stand comes with rubber padding on its feet.

This means that even if you had to accidentally drag the saw stand over some expensive wood flooring, you won’t have to worry about deep metal scratches on it. Also, the rubber helps to give the stand some traction so that it does not move around too much when you are working with it.


What Are Others Saying?

Here are some of the things that users who have tried the Bosch T4B Stand have to say about it in



One of the most common complaints that you will hear from the people who have used the stand is that it is a bit on the heavy side. Yes, the product is quite heavy but as some of it advocates have pointed out, the weight just adds to the stability of the tool. Anyway, transporting the tool is easy enough because of its wheels.

The stand’s aluminum body also helps keep the weight off so it is generally lighter compared to other similar tools in the market.

Another complain has to do with the wheels. The T4B has sealed pneumatic wheels, some people are going to be more comfortable with refillable wheels so that they won’t have to have too much of a problem when the wheels go flat.

However, it has been designed well enough so that the stand can bear the weight of whatever is put on it without getting flat.

The pneumatic wheels also help the tool to glide over surfaces easier and they will definitely last longer than solid rubber ones.


How Much Is It?

The price will vary depending on where you buy it, Check Out latest Price on Amazon



Weight: 77 lbs

Length: 49.50 inches

Width: 13.25 inches

Height: 24.50 inches

Wheel Diameter: 8 inches


What’s In the

1 Bosh T4B Gravity Rise Miter Saw Stand


Where Can I Get More Information?

You can read more about this miter saw stand from the Bosch website, you could also just head on to for more details.