Why should you buy a locking mailbox?

The identity theft is increasing at a very high rate that put one’s personal details on risk. If we talk about the traditional mailboxes, your mail can be easily taken by hand.

However, if you choose to invest in a locking mailbox, then you can make your identity safe and free from the thieves. Click here to check the best locking mailbox for buying one.

Investing in such a device is the best way to securing your important details from the fraudulent people. There is no doubt that it will cost you much more as compared to the regular mailboxes, but still, the benefits that offered by it are incredible.

Check out the main reasons for why you should buy a locking mailbox and how to choose the ideal one as per your requirement.

Prevents mail theft

It is a no-brainer that investing in such a mailbox with a security lock will help in keeping your sensitive mail from being taken by the thieves. The majority of the people never realizes its importance until their personal details get stolen. So, it is strongly recommended by the experts that you should buy a locking mailbox.

More space

If we compare locking mailboxes with the traditional ones, you will realize that it has a much better space and is capable to hold an increased number of mails. It eliminates the need for picking up the mail frequently. There are greater chances that normal mailboxes will bulge if there will be regular mails on a daily basis. If you are one of the people who regularly go out of the station, then it is an ideal choice for you.

Types of locking mailboxes

Generally, there are three main types of locking mailboxes that you can find on the market. We have explained each of them in detail below:

Curbside mailboxes

The curbside mailboxes come with durable heavy duty rust free aluminum construction and convenient outgoing mail shelf. This type of mailbox is a very cost-effective solution for the people looking to protect their mails. In addition, it eliminates the requirement for separate pedestals or posts.

Locking residential mailboxes

The locking residential mailboxes provide the complete security of parcel storage and locked mail along with the convenience of a normal mailbox. Generally, this type of mailbox is capable to hold 10-15 days of mail with a large storage capacity. The residential mailboxes are an attraction and reliable option for the homeowner who want to expand their storage capabilities and enhance security.

Multi-Tenant Residential Mailboxes

This is the commercial type of mailboxes that comes with the built-in integrated parcel locker compartments, enhanced security features, and an outgoing mail compartment. If you are living in a multi-family or multi-tenant residential place, then you should buy this type of mailboxes.

How to select the perfect locking mailbox for your home

Prior to shop a new mailbox, you should think about the size and kind of mail you will get. You should go for a standard-sized locking mailbox if the majority of your mails are magazines or envelopes.

However, you should buy a more spacious mailbox if you get lots of mails or packages. Check out a great range of mailboxes available in the market and then select one as per that. Find one that you can hold mails for days or even weeks.

There is no doubt that you will be the only man who can really have the keys to the mailbox, but postman can still deliver your posts with the help of incoming mail slot. It is the main reason that locking mailboxes are considered safer than the traditional ones.


Over the years, there is a tremendous increase in the sale of locking mailboxes witnessed by the market. The people are installing this device in the lieu of unlocked mailboxes for protecting their personal details from curious thieves and eyes. Investing in a high-quality locking mailbox can turn out to be extremely useful for you in the longer run.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the huge variety of different types of locking mailboxes available in the market and make a choice as per your needs and convenience.

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