How to Cut Tiles with A Tile Cutter

Tile is a piece of resilient material manufactured from ceramic, metal, stone, and glass etcetera. It’s usually used for the purpose of covering floors, walls, roofs, or many other objects.

It can be ranged from ordinary square tiles to highly complex mosaics. It’s used for both- longevity and beauty of the structure.

However, to use it effectively and smartly it needs to be cut properly. During any of your tiling assignment, you’ll come across the necessity to cut some of the tiles to size.

The cutting mechanism is a bit complicated due to the hard as well as technically fragile structure.


Tile Cutting Tools

Different types of tiles requires to be cut in different ways. There are different cutting methods as well as tools. These are-

Tile Cutters

To score and cut the ceramic tiles, the tile cutters are most commonly used unit. While cutting by a tile cutter the tiles are kept over the cutter fulcrum. There is a blade wheel on the handle of the cutter. To score the surface the wheel runs over the tiles. The metal foot of the cutter is set onto the surface of the tile. The tile is cut by pulling its handle down. Later of this article, it has been discussed clearly.

Tile Nippers

The tile nippers are identical to pliers, although they contain 2 sharp blades. You can use them to remove the stray pieces or make unusual shapes.

Tile Saw / Wet Saw

A wet saw is another tool to cut the tiles. To grind through the tiles it uses own rotating blade. Under the blade there is a pan where water is added. It’s because of cooling the blade and reducing the dust produced from the cut tile.

Cutting Tiles with a Tile Cutter

Few things about the way of cutting tile using a tile cutter have been already stated above in this article. Here we will discuss some more about that. Let’s know few of the ways on how to cut tiles with a tile cutter

When You Use a Manual Tile Cutter

A manual tile cutter is the best choice for cutting the tile straightly. When you cut a tile using this cutter you need to follow the following steps-

  1. First step of this way is to measure the area or line where the tiles require to be cut. Keep the tile on any other full size tile and mark the place of overlap with a pencil. The marked place is your measured area to be cut. Leave sufficient space for movement joint and grout joint.
  2. Place the piece of tile in the cutter. Get the cutter & pencil mark in same line after squaring up the tile to the plate.
  3. To score a line press down the cutter handle firmly and push frontward from corner to corner of the tile.
  4. Apply the pressure on both sides and continue it, soon it will be snapped into 2 pieces.
  5. Use a rubbing or file stone if the edges are a bit rough after cutting to make that smooth.
  6. To get a right shape or size use tile nippers when it comes to cut the curved or smaller pieces of tiles.


When You Use an Electric Tile Cutter

An electric tile cutter is power run unit opposite to the manual unit. It’s ideal for cutting curved edges, right angles, and thicker tiles like natural stone and porcelain. It’s an advanced cutting system that requires the following steps to be completed-

  1. Initially, ensure it that there is water in the tray of the electric cutter to prevent overheating. This is a key safety matter and minimize the amount of dust produced from cutting the tile.
  2. Before you cut the curved edges mark the area to be cut with a pencil. Don’t forget to mark a number of lines up to the area of curved marking. The reason is pretty simple; actually, you won’t get any chance to turn the tile/tiles at the time of cutting procedure.
  3. Cut every line marked up to the line curved by your electric cutter. When you are finished with your cutting task, it should be looking alike a comb.
  4. To score as well as cut into the glaze, use the tile scribe and draw around the curved mark.
  5. To break the small tile pieces at once use the tile nipper up to curve; file that down unless becomes smooth.


Last Words

That’s all about how to cut tiles with a tile cutter. Maybe you have got your answer already. Although it’s not an easy task to make anybody understand only by providing some information through writing, we try our best to provide a conclusive outline. We believe you can get the benefit you need from it.