Delta Industrial 46-460 12-1/2-Inch Variable-Speed Midi Lathe

Whether you are a hobbyist of woodworking professional, you will need good quality tools to produce final pieces you will be proud of. Among the various devices, you need to make perfect symmetrical wood projects is a wood lathe. These tools are ideal for turning things around the home and serve many more functions – they are quite versatile.

If you are a DIY fan, then you will need an ideal woodworking machine that is durable and easy to use. The good thing about Delta Industrial 46-460 12-1/2-Inch Variable-Speed Midi Lathe is its reasonable price and simplicity. This review digs deep into one of the top midi wood lathes you will find on the market.


best midi wood lathe

Products Description

Any woodworker wants a reliable tool that can complement their skills. Well, there are many products out there that choosing the most appropriate is not easy. However, with Delta Industrial 46-460, you are assured of a top of the range performance.

It is well-crafted and comes with features to make any woodworker fall in love with it. Some of the features that make this tool one of the best midi wood lathe include its cast iron body for durability and strength, a strong motor and functional capability to forward and reverse.

Delta Industrial 46-460 has a unique belt tensioning system and comes with the ability to change speeds rapidly and flawlessly.



  • The build quality of this machine is top of the range. This means it is built to last for a considerable amount of time. And with proper care, the device can last a lifetime – believe it or not.
  • It has a 1hp and 1700 rpm powerful motor to fulfill most of the woodworking functions you may have around. In fact, it is one of the most powerful machines. The machine does not stall and works on demanding applications efficiently.
  • The belter tension system – patented – is pretty easy to use. You can make quick speed changes and belt positions to fit the project you have.
  • Has a variable speed that you operate with the twist of the nob. This allows you to choose the most appropriate one for you and your projects. Come with wrenches, knockout bar, live center, faceplate and user manual.
  • The swing capacity is one of the largest in its category.
  • The forward and reverse function makes your work so much more comfortable. You will not need to turn your work around for polishing or sanding. All you need to do is turn the switch, and everything works out for you.
  • It comes with handy onboard storage. You will not keep losing some of the essential tools.
  • A sturdy stand for adequate support.
  • The modular bed is extendable by approximately 25.5 inches. In total, the distance between centers can reach 42 inches – not too bad for most projects.
  • For such a relatively cheap lathe, it comes with some mouthwatering accessories that include a ten-inch and six-inch tool rest that you can interchange accordingly, a face plate measuring three inches for comfortable and safe attachment of the tailstock and knockout bar among others – basically all you need.



This industrial wood lathe has several inbuilt safety features, and no issues in that regard have been reported. Its switches are not hard to reach, and so you do not face safety risks. There is also a detailed user manual to equip you with the necessary knowledge to operate it safely – we can never be too careful with these heavy-duty tools.



Delta Industrial 46-460 is a great machine to have around in your tools storage. However, it also has a few shortcomings here and there. Among them is the unavailability of spare parts.

And despite coming with a five-year warranty, the company is among those with not so good customer care service. This has been mentioned by a good number of customers in their reviews and is quite telling. A more extended warranty period is ideal, but it must be backed by full and timely support.

Users also complain that the machine is not appropriate for turning really large projects. The best you can do is effectively is 16.5 inches. It is essential to note that while the majority of users may not reach as far in terms of projects, it is always good to know.



This is without a doubt a great lathe if working on small projects like bowls, chair spindles and candlestick holders among others. The extension feature also means that you can work on other relatively larger projects such as baseball bats and cue sticks.

Other great features an ardent woodworker will find quite good include the variable speed wood lathe, the solid build, and reversible function. Considering its top of the range features, this is what we can call a steal – it is quite favorably priced and ideal for any professional or hobbyist.