Deluxe Wood Carvers Palm Tool Set-Flexcut

This assortment of professional wood carving tools is designed to provide the user with a broad range of capabilities useful in many forms of carving. Whether you are chip carving or whittling, this set of American made tools will provide you with what you require. If you are a pro, you will be happy with what this set offers and if you are a novice, the set will provide you with that platform that you need to learn the ropes.


  • The set includes four knives: A pelican knife, a cutting knife, a mini-detail knife and also a detail knife.
  • Five palm tools: V-tool, skew and three gouges (a variety of sizes).
  • A wooden tool box that protects them from the weather.
  • The tools come razor sharp off the stores.
  • A permanent coating that protects the tools corrosion.


  • You can use these tools of the box as soon as you purchase them. You don’t need to sharpen them.
  • The tools come in an attractive design that makes it easy for you to use them in your carving. It one of the best carving tools set that beginners will find quite useful. They are easy to fall in love with and eventually carving.
  • The cutting edge stays sharp for a prolonged time. It has gone through heat-treating to ensure that it is always sharp and ready for use.
  • The handles of this tool carry an excellent design that ensures you don’t get tired while working. Beginners will find it useful in that aspect as it will encourage them to continue carving.
  • The tools are durable
  • Perfect for small carvings
  • Easy to fit handle
  • Accurate carving
  • The wooden box provides safe storage of the tools.
  • Different tools for a number of applications.


  • Because of the blade size, the tools are not good for hardwood. However, they are perfect for softwood.
  • Some people find the handles to be too small for efficient use.
  • Their only application is from wooden materials.
  • The blades are too sharp and may easily cut you if not careful.

Solution of Cons

  • If you find that the handles are too small, you can always opt for other tools. After all, you are the one doing the carving.
  • You are free to purchase tools for other applications that you cannot use this tool for.
  • Since the blades are too sharp, apply caution when using the tools. Beginners can wear gloves to ensure they are free of accidental cuts.

Safety tips

When working with sharp tools, always be cautious. Avoid multitasking and if necessary, wear a protective glove. If you have bought this kit for your kids, don’t leave them to work on carving projects alone. It is easy to acquire a nasty cut on the on the fingers or hands is safety precautions are not applied.

Always strive to cut small portions of the wood when carving. Don’t go in too much as this will make you put excessive force trying to go through. Doing that is dangerous as you may end up hurting yourself.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Deluxe Wood Carvers set of tools are perfect for softwood and small projects. Therefore, before you decide to make your investment, consider the kind of wood that you will be working on most of the time. Yes, the tools may be attractive and may be good value for your money. However, they will be useless if you buy to keep them at a certain corner. Set your priorities right.

People have different tastes and preferences. What you may like is not what another person may like. If you like tools with longer handles, then Deluxe Wood Carvers kit is not the right choice for you.


Even though this kit is not the most appropriate when it comes to carving hardwood, it is perfect when you are making the final touches. As a newbie in carving, you will find that these tools have a nice grip on them providing you with a great carving experience. The kit comes with a useful wooden box that makes moving around quite easy. Nevertheless, you should be extra careful when using these tools. It is very easy for you to get cut when carving.

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