DEWALT DCD760KL 18V Drill/Driver Kit

If you are a fan of doing home improvement, you should have a good drill that you can use for practically any project around the house. One of the best drills you can get in the market is the DeWalt DCD760KL 18V 1/2 Inch Cordless Compact Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit. Like Dewalt, there is another drill kit which is panasonic drill kit.

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at the DeWalt DCD760KL 18V Drill. Read on if you are interested in getting this drill for yourself.

DEWALT DCD760KL 18V Drill Kit


Some of our favorite features include:


At roughly 4 lbs, the DCD760KL is one of the lightest cordless drills today and this is important because the weight is a very important issue with these tools.

Jobs can take hours to complete and with the tool’s batteries lasting up to 5 hours, you need to have something that you can comfortably carry in your hands. At just over 4 lbs, it is definitely a well-designed tool. The size also makes it ideal to use when you have tight spaces to contend with.

In addition to the weight, all of DeWalt’s cordless compact drills have been designed with very good ergonomics. The grip is comfortable in the hand and this also adds to user comfort.

Long Lasting Batteries and Quick Charge

Lithium Ion batters last long on a single charge. Many users have reported that they have worked with their batteries for up to 5 hours on a single 30-minute charge. In addition to that, Lithium Ion batteries are good till the end, unlike their NiCad counterparts that slow down as it looses power, Lithium Ion batteries keep pushing on.

Charging this cordless drill is also a dream. It can charge to full in as little as 30 minutes. If you do not have a charged batter handy, you can just pop the battery onto the charger, take a small coffee break or lunch and come back to a fully-charged battery.

The charger also works with many other batteries from DeWalt.

Dual Speed

The tool also offers power and great versatility as it is available in dual speed settings (0-500/0-1700 rpm). You can choose the speed appropriate for whatever task you are doing.

Other great features include:

– LED Work Light

– Professional and Durable Product Kit and Gear Box

– 17 Clutch Settings

What are Others Saying?

I have had this drill for three years. I like it very much! It has a great hold time on the charge. It also has a very quick charge. That was why I bought it. Durable and long lasting

Great Drill

I have used one DeWALT drill and bits constantly for ever over 3 years at work, know retired and needed one at home use, that is why I choose DeWALT, because it always worked very great and easy to use. BEst of all drills

Harold J Pierson Jr. My first DeWalt tool . . . Impressive

“I bought this drill when I was screening in our patio and was tired of unplugging the d@mn corded drill I was using and the person who was working with me had a different brand cordless drill. Brought this one home, dropped battery into charger and SHAZAM! 60 minutes later I was rocking and rolling. Because it was there and I thought I might need it I dropped the second battery in the charger while I was using the first. To my surprise I didn’t need it that day. This tool made the job a whole lot easier on me in more ways than just not unplugging the cord. The Dewalt was much lighter than the older craftsman drill with a bunch more power and torque. I am not sure I understand the comments about the drill not having enough power, When I was screwing the framing for the patio it the drill would not only drive the screws in but countersink them without even a complaint. I would have most likely just kept going until the screws came out the other side of the boards.
The only minor irritation I had was I could not figure out how to get the drill, battery, and charger back into the case for quite a while. Another minor annoyance is there seems to be not much room for drill bits and accessories in the case. I managed to put a small Dewalt drill bit set in it but that’s about it. It sure would be nice to have some dedicated storage in the top of the case for some other Dewalt drill bits, screw driver attachments, speedbore bits, augers etc. maybe with a small catalog in there so someone can order them directly. (HINT HINT DEWALT)
Overall, if you are going to use this drill for Do It Yourself jobs around the home it will work all day and come back for more.
This was my first DeWalt tool, if this is the quality they put into their products, I’ll be adding more to my collection.



One of the main complaints you hear from those who have used the DCD760KL is that the chuck can be hard to loosen. Things get better as the drill is put through its paces. For the most part, this is seen as a positive as opposed to other drills with chucks that loosen involuntarily and those that have bits that wobble.

How Much Is It?

This 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Compact Drill/Driver is available from Amazon.


– Dimensions: 15.4 x 12 x 4.5 inches

– Shipping Weight: 9.1 lbs

– Battery: Lithium Ion

– Voltage: 18V

What is in the Box?

– One DCD760KL Drill/Driver

– Two 18V Lithium Ion Batteries

– One 30-Minute Yellow Top Lithium-Ion/NiCad Charger

–  One Kit

Where Can I Get More Information?

You can learn more about this Dewalt 18V drill from the DeWALT website. It also features information about other products from the brand including their other Cordless Compact Drills and their Drill Drivers.


The DCD760KL is definitely one of the best new drills out in the market today. If you are looking to get your first drill or if you just want to add to an already active set of tools, then it is a great choice. It is extremely powerful and drill/driver features make it a versatile tool indeed.

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