Flexcut 3 Knife Starter Set Review

Whether you are a beginner or a professional in carving, you will be looking for a bargain among others. Getting a set of a best wood carving knife is usually considered a bargain since they are cheaper than buying one by one.

Flexcut 3 Knife Starter Set is a great set especially if you are a beginner. However, the price is a little bit steep, but that should not put you off.

flexcut 3




  • The product is durable and will give you a considerable amount of service
  • The curved design of Flexcut 3’s handle makes it easy for you to use the blade. It is ergonomic and so hand fatigue, and blisters are foreign to you.
  • A polishing compound that comes with the set it easy for you to sharpen. Beginners will not have trouble sharpening this product.
  • Flexcut 3 comes in a set of three different carving knives. This provides you with a variety of tools that you can use in various places. It saves you the trouble of jumping from one place to the other searching for tools.


  • When compared to other products in the same range, Flexcut 3 is a bit expensive.
  • The product has sharpness issues when you compare it with others that are in the same range of price

Solution of Cons

The product is expensive for a reason. Flexcut 3 Knife Starter Set is durable and is also a set of three knives. Therefore, you should not put too much into the price of the product as to what you are getting.

As with other carving knives, it is important to keep the blade sharp at all times. Flexcut 3’s durability and quality easily make up for this shortcoming. Furthermore, the set comes with a polishing compound to maintain the sharpness of the tools.

Safety tips

One to avoid accidents when carving is to do a project that requires you to give a minimum effort. Choosing an exciting project goes a long way into ensuring that you are safe. The goal here is to be alert, and nothing makes your mind wander off like a tedious project.

The choice of the wood is also a critical factor in ensuring your safety when carving. Pick the piece of wood that looks almost like your finished project. A piece of wood with straight grains and is free of knots is the best. It will require less effort and will be much safer. Obviously, trying to hack a knotted piece of wood with your carving blade is not only dangerous but also tiring and boring.

Knowing how to use the tool in the right manner is important as it ensures you are efficient and safe. You can use the curved knife used in carving bowls and spoons to whittle, and this will indicate that you don’t know what you are doing. Get the right tool for the right job and be safe. Don’t try to be smart.


Things To Consider Before Buying

The handle

The design of the handle determines the easiness at which you will do your carving. The octagonally shaped types are easy to grip and keep your tool from rolling away. A curved handle is similarly easy to grasp and if the quality of the wood is good, then you will be blister free and will not get tired easily.

The curve

The degree at which a blade is curved is a significant factor to think about when purchasing a wood carving tool. Of course, you cannot expect Flexcut 3 knives to do the curved surface in a bowl. Determine the kind of tool you need and go for it.


The good thing about Flexcut 3 Knife Starter Set is that it is quite durable and comes as a set of three carving tools. This is music to the ears of beginners looking to literally carve their way to the trade. This is the best whittling knife for beginners. The product is easy to use based on its ergonomic curved handle. Users will never experience any difficulty when using the product. The only notable downside pointed out by users is the fact it is not as sharp as other comparable products in the market.