Everyone wants a convenient carving tool that they can carry around easily; a tool that will not need to be tossed into the toolbox with others. Flexcut has designed a folding carving knife that makes moving around with it so much easier. The only thing that you will need to figure out is how to move your canvas along – not that it’s necessary.



  • A folding design
  • A convenient size
  • Razor sharp
  • High carbon steel
  • Six tools
  • Convenient
  • Approximately 10.2 ounces in weight


  • A handy product
  • Affordable considering its features and
  • An attractive folding design
  • It is easy to move around with
  • A variety of tools in one
  • Razor sharp blades


  • The tools included in the design are small in size, and so it is only suitable for small carvings
  • If the folding mechanism becomes faulty, it the knife can become a risk to you.

Solution of Cons

You can always have other tools with you if the folding knife proves much of a challenge when carving. Don’t think that just because you have purchased the folding knife, you are sorted for all your carving. You will need other specialized tools as your skill improves – that is if you are a novice. Pros know that this wood carving pocket knife cannot replace the other tools.

Always check that your tool is working as it should. Maintain the moving parts if you find that they are getting sticky. A little bit of oil will do the trick.

Safety tips

Knowing how to use a tool is very important. It saves you so much trouble. The folding knife needs someone that understands how to use it; one that knows the specific uses of the tools. For example, you cannot use the tools to carve a big piece of wood. The knife’s grip is not as firm as other carving tools with a wooden handle. Therefore, it is easier for it to slip off your hand.

Always inspect your piece of wood

Before you start whittling away, make sure to inspect your piece of wood for knots, screws, metals or nails. Nails and knots and whittling are far from a perfect mix. Ignoring these factors can cause damage to the edge. Furthermore, these defects and metals can cause the blade to fly off your hand and injure you. Be careful at all times and check your piece of wood well.

Adhere to all the safety rules

There are safety regulations and measures that accompany every tool that you have. Follow them to the letter, and you will surely be safe. You can always find these rules online or other they may come as part of the documentation. Don’t assume that you have the adequate skills to do your carving in your own way. Always take your time to review all the necessary measures before anything. This is especially important if you are a beginner.


Things to consider before Buying

Check the product reviews

As a beginner, it is usually hard to determine which products are the best. Every manufacturer claims that their product is the best and is according to specifications. You cannot expect the whole truth from the manufacturers of these commodities.

The best information about you can get regarding a product is from other users. The people that have bought the products and used them have the best information. They know their weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, it is always good to weigh in the views of those that have used the products before you make the purchase decision.

Origin/ Manufacturer

Products from particular manufacturers or places are better than those from others. For example, Swiss knives and tools are of the highest quality. They also have a steeper price. Notable tool makers such as Flexcut and Morakniv do a decent job. Therefore, consider the manufacturers of a particular product to determine if you are getting quality.


This whitting knife has a unique folding mechanism that makes it attractive. It has razor sharp blades that will make your carving easy. The best thing about this blade is that is easy to use. If you are a newbie in carving, this piece will help you grow with time. Professionals will also find it useful. Whatever your skill level, this tool will prove useful and convenient.