Gimars 12 Set Wood Carving Tools Knife Kit – Kids & Beginners

Gimars 12 Set Steel is the wood carving tool Kit comes with SK5 carbon steel. To ensure your perfection in your hard work, you should keep your eye on this toolset. This wood carving tool set is durable, hard, sharp and comfortable. This will blow your mind away with its four angled knives that make sure of the perfection in your artwork. Let’s have an eye for its features.

wood carving tools knife kit


Features & Benefits

  • The carving tool is made of high-quality SK5 Carbon Steel that makes the blades of the tool very sharp and makes it easy for the user to work
  • Blades are electrically coated that makes it rust proof
  • Can be used for touching up the antique furniture also
  • User can also use the product for house repairing
  • Crafts, craft modeling, and multipurpose works can be done with the tools
  • Weight of the carving tool is 7.2 ounces, and therefore the tool is very easy to use
  • The handles of wood are well made, and it helps the user to work in comfort
  • Four angled knives help the user to work comfortably


  • Lightweight
  • Rustproof
  • Includes four angle knives
  • Blades are extremely sharp
  • The handles are pretty comfortable
  • Ideal for the beginners


  • However, sometimes the user has too sharp the tool


However, tools that cut things needs to be sharpened. This is a simple secret of using a tool in its highest service at work. For professionals, this may be an attractive one to have a look at it.