Grex P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Length Headless Pinner | Review

A headless pinner like this Grex P635 23 Gauge, can be used for almost any home improvement job from making cabinets to the installation of molding.

It makes for a seamless appearance that many users are after. Like other woodworking tools, this is an absolutely great tool.

Grex P635 23 Gauge 1-38-Inch Length Headless Pinner


It is a great tool that is lightweight and easy to use. If you are interested in doing some serious home improvement work, then you should consider getting this nailer for yourself.



Here are some of the features that we like most about this Grex 23 Gauge Nailer.


Lightweight and a Narrow Nose

At just 3.8 lbs, this is a very lightweight finish nail gun and is easy to use without putting strain on the user’s hands, especially when it comes to extended use.

The nailer also comes with a narrow nose, this allows it to get into places that some of the more conventional pinners won’t. It is also easy to maneuver and will get into corners without much of a problem.


Auto Adjust Versatile Tool

We found this nailer to be really versatile as it accommodates 3/8 inch up to 1 and 3/8 inch pins. Now, you won’t have to have more than one nailer for different jobs as this has everything you need.

This air nailer gun also auto adjusts so you won’t have to worry about getting settings right, just install your choice of pins.

The nailer P635 also comes with a magazine window that allows you to see if you are running out nails or not.


No-Mar Tip

This is a great feature for any nailer be it the Hitachi NT65MA2 Finish Nailer or its newer counterpart the NT65MA64.

The No-Mar Tip for the P635 Pinner offers just what it says, The tip does not have a mark on the wood you are working on.

Most woodworking tasks are going to require a certain finish. This nailer is not only accurate but it does not damage the wood.

It has also been designed to make nearly invisible holes, holes that can be filled up later on for the smoother finish. The nailer also prevents the wood from cracking – idea especially if you are working with hardwoods.

The no-mar tip provides clients with a clean finish and it even allows users to fasten together prefinished pieces.


Safety Features 

For user safety, these 23 gauge pinners come with user safe double trigger safety. It has been designed to prevent accidental firing. Pulling back on the safety trigger and engaging the pinning trigger is need before firing.

The good thing about the safety trigger is that it does not interfere with the Pinner’s continous firing.



The tool has also been designed with a built-in silencer. This silencer helps to keep the noise to a comfortable level. It also comes with a read exhaust system.


Other great features we love about this nailer include:

  • Belt Hook
  • Metal Construction
  • Steed Driver and Nose Piece




The Grex P635 pinner is a great tool, but a few users have voiced out some complaints. Most of these do not have a problem with the tool itself but with the carrying case and how the tool arrived.

For example, a common complaint is that the kit case does not accommodate space for the pins. This is because the case has been so designed to give the nailer the best support it can get while it is being transported. This also helps protect the nailer from getting damaged from falls while it is in its case.

A solution to this is an issue is to just keep a small container of pins close by.

Another complaint is that the nailer kit does not come with a set of pins when it is first delivered. If you look at the What’s in the Box section, you will see that no pins are included.

This is not that big a concern and you can avoid it by purchasing a set of Grex pins when you but this pinner from Amazon.

In addition to the two above, some people also complain about the fact that the pinner does not slow down when it is nearly out of pins. This, however, is a feature that allows users to use up all of their pins.

When you are using the nailer, you can check the progress of your pins from the window on the side so you will not have to worry about firing blanks.


How Much is It?

You can get this from a local hardware or you can get this from an authorized Grex dealer. There is a list of dealers on the Grex site.

You can also get this Grex Headless Pinner from



  • Power Source: Air Powered
  • Shipping Weight: 3.8 lbs
  • Tool Weight: 2.21 lbs.
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Height: 11.50 inches


What’s in the Box?

  • 1 Grex P635 Headless Pinner
  • Carrying Case
  • 2 No-Mar Rubber Tips
  • 4 Allen Wrenches
  • Oil


Where Can I Get More Information?

You can read more about this Grex Pin Nailer from the official Grex site. If you want, you could also head to Amazon, where you can also purchase the nailer at a discounted rate.