Little Giant 10410B Safety Step Ladder Four Step with Bar

A ladder is very important and it helps people get to places that are hard to reach. If you need to hang a frame o if you have to fix something high-up on the wall, you would need o have a ladder. One really good ladder is the Little Giant 10410B 4-Step Safety Ladder With Bar and Tray.

Here are some of our favorite features for this Little Giant Rolling Ladder.

Wide Steps

The steps of this Little Jumbo ladder has been designed so that it gives users enough space so they feel comfortable and secure when they are standing on the ladder. Other step ladders in the market are a bit on the narrow side and they can feel unstable and wobbly.

The Little Giant is not like that. It is weighted down enough so that it can handle heavier users or those who are carrying a heavy load while on the ladder.

The steps have also been designed to imitate the spacing on a normal stairway. It is not too far away nor is it too close where there isn’t enough space to place the feet. It is just the right size.

Roll Away Wheels

The ladder has been designed so that it is easy to move around. Once it is folded up, it can be dragged using the small wheels located on the rail side of the ladder. This makes the ladder easy enough to move.

The wheels are out of the way when the ladder is folded down so that it gives it a smooth surface. It can then be stored under the bed or even hung on the back of a door.

Easy to Fold Down and Store

When not in use the Little Jumbo can just be stored in a corner. Better than that, the ladder can also be folded down to a slim 4.7inches.

Aside from the easy storage, the ladder also features a non-slip covering on the steps. This is deal because it is going to protect the user and it increases the ladder’s safety rating as well. If you work with lubricants, grease, or oil a lot, this would be the perfect step ladder for you.

Other great features of the ladder include: 

  • aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Fold-Up Safety Bars
  • Treaded Steps
  • 300 lbs Capacity


What Do Others Think About It?

Here are some user comments about the Little Giant 4-Step Safety Ladder. These are taken from the product’s Little Giant’s web page.

Love it. Very stable. However, the metal safety bar is harder to squeeze in order to fold up the ladder. I have arthritic hands.”

These ladders are truly the best that you can buy. Well worth the money for the stability Little Giant ladders provide. Thanks a bunch

I needed the wide steps due to my lack of balance due to neuropathy. With this Little Giant I can change a lightbulb without having to kill my self on my old 4′ ladder. I can use all the help I can and the SAFETY-STEP works for me, thanks Little Giant.”


One of the main complaints about this Little Giant Ladder is that it is a bit on the heavy side. There is a reason why the ladder is heavy though. It helps to make it a bit sturdier and gives its users more confidence when they are stepping on it.

The ladder does come with wheels, so it becomes easy to transport it while it is opened up. The ladder also folds down easily, which is also a good thing for storage.

How Much Is It?

The ladder is a bit more expensive than other step ladders in the market, for price you can check Amazon through following link, but it is a heavy duty ladder. It is not of a flimsy make and it can definitely stand up to a lot of abuse.

This safety ladder is also available at a discounted price from


  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • No. of Steps: 4
  • Folded Depth: 4.7 inches

What’s in the Box?

  • Little Giant 10410B 4-Step Ladder

Where Can I Get More Information?

You can read more about the Little Giant 10410B from the Little Giant. also carries a lot information about the ladder.


In conclusion, the Little Giant 10410B Safety Ladder is definitely a great investment. It can be used for lots of home improvement projects around the house. Also, it can just be a general part of your home, especially in the garage or in the kitchen.

If you want to get the Little Giant 10410B step ladder, head to now