Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144S-6 1 Ton Capacity Pow’R Pull USA Made

When it comes to moving heavy equipment, there is no better way of doing it than with come along winch – of course in the absence of electricity and gas. However, having poor quality equipment is tiring and not worth it. It is even better to have a few of your friends take an energy drink and push the stuff by themselves. The best come along winches are well-built and have a considerable amount of strength to handle heavy pulls efficiently. The following is a review of one of the most popular come along.


maasdam pow'r pull 144s-6 1 ton capacity pow'r pull usa made


Products Description


We can merely say that Maasdam is an authority when it comes to this kind of products – the pull along winches. That means you will not have made a wrong decision by buying this winch.

For starters, this is a made in the USA product, and that means something in terms of quality and reliability – the safety and quality standards of products made in the country is better than most.

It’s a 1-ton capacity winch – not much, but sufficient – which does what the manufacturer says it does. In other words, it is a product you can rely on to fulfill various pulling applications.

It is also quite straightforward to use, and you will not find yourself fumbling about trying to figure out what goes where.

This pull along winch works well on particular projects such as chain link fencing – it will be your perfect partner when working on pulling projects.




  • Made in the US product and so it is quality and fulfills the required safety measures.


  • This winch is very easy to use. It comes with relatively easy to understand attachments and controls.


  • Comes with a non-slip and comfortable plastic handle that makes the tool easy to use. This grip also reduces hand fatigue.


  • Has a 3/16″ cable, strong enough to handle the tasks you throw at it. It is quite thick and sturdy enough to be tough.


  • The pawls are made from steel alloy and have a safety spacer sleeve. These pawls interlock with the ratchet wheel securely. The role of the spacer is to ensure there is an even alignment between the ratchet wheel and pawl.


  • The cable is rugged and aircraft quality. It is galvanized and not easy to destroy this is critical to ensure the wire does not break in the middle of the job.


  • Its ratchet wheel is made of aluminum alloy for ruggedness. In fact, this wheel is more rugged than their laminated counterparts, and this is good considering the tasks it performs.


  • And for your safety, there is a reinforced ratchet guard, heavy duty and which prevents your fingers from going into the ratchet.


  • Its bolts are heat-treated ensuring a considerable amount of ruggedness. That means they experience reduced wear and are durable – the can be a pull along winch’s weakness if not cared for.


  • The slip hooks are made from drop-forged steel for maximum strength.


  • A versatile machine that you can use in the farm, fencing, landscaping, automotive, hunting, boating, vehicle recovery, gardening and camping among others. You will not need to acquire another tool for the different tasks.


  • The minimum pulling length between hooks is about 18 inches.


  • This device can lift objects about 12ft.


  • Comes with sturdy latches, catches and springs for durability and safety.


  • The come along winch is favorably-priced.


  • Has a letdown that utilizes a “Notch-at-a-time” system


  • Weighs approximately 7lbs pretty lightweight to carry it wherever the pulling project is holed up.



The winch comes with pretty solid attachments ensuring your safety. And as long as you follow the weight limit, you are good. This product is pretty reliable and fulfills what the manufacturer says it can.

It also comes with a ratchet guard that prevents your fingers from going into the ratchet – a genuinely functional safety feature. All its accessories and parts are made of rugged metal ensuring safety.

The pull along winch has safety latches that are OSHA-recommended.

However, its hook latches are a bit thin, and this can pose a safety risk since it is at the center of the pressure points.



The product has thin hook latches, and that is not a good thing. Furthermore, its instructions are not easy to follow.

And if you are not careful, the cable may come off the spool and fray making replacement an uphill task.



There are not many pull along winches that can match the quality of Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144S-6 1. As a matter of fact, it is one product that does what it says it will, demonstrating reliability.

It has some decent safety features ensuring you are safe as you do your work. This is one of the best pull along winches you can acquire based on its reliability, quality, and safety.