NOVA 1624 II 16 x 24″ 8 Speed Wood Lathe

As a woodworker, there are several things you need to look out for to get the wood lathe reviews for your projects. Of course, not all machines are ideal, and not all are top quality.

The perfect wood lathe demonstrates a high level of versatility and power to make your woodworking projects a breeze.

Variable speeds on wood lathe ensure you choose the most appropriate for the item you are working on. Other features include a sturdy and solid build to absorb the shocks and vibrations associated with woodturning.

It is one decent machine that will make you an efficient woodworker – isn’t this what you want?

best wood lathe


Products Description

This is just the kind of machine any individual would be proud of having in their corner – of course, if you have some use for it. Its features underscore professionalism in woodturning, and the best of all, it isn’t too expensive.

This wood lathe features a low turning speed of 215 rpm ideal for large pieces and intricate designs. It also has a solid and durable stand that is steel and cast iron fabricated.

The NOVA 1624 comes with durable cast iron parts that you would not need to worry about getting damaged as a result of constant use.




  • Reduced speed of 215 rpm for particular kind of projects. But in actual sense, the wood lathe has a mouthwatering 215 – 3600 RPM 8-speed range.


  • Features a 1.5HP motor, powerful enough for the majority of your home and workshop turning needs. The power is approximately 50% better than that of most comparable lathes you will find on the market – a score!


  • It is 24 inches between centers and is extendable by 20 inches – it can accommodate a variety of projects.


  • The Nova 1624 lathe is constructed of solid cast iron and can quickly take the vibration and shock for an extended period of service.


  • This tool is quite compact and affords you all the working space you may need and with incredible power. The Outrigger Accessory and effective swivel head ensure you can turn even the large projects in the minimal area.


  • It is easy to vary the speeds as needed. There is a speed viewer giving the necessary information for control.


  • And access to the right accessories is not a difficult task. Accessories are often standard between wood lathe models and so upgrading to any NOVA variety will not be a problem.


  • The swivel head makes a full 360-degree turn which helps position your work wherever you need it. It makes turning even easier and space saving.


  • NOVA 1624 has long-reach tool slides that comfortably grip rubber handles.


  • Comes with extendable beds for making your tool as long as possible for those long projects.


  • It also comes with cam controls that allow for easy adjustment as per your preference.


  • This is one lathe with a superior bowl performance. The outrigger and full swivel head are sufficient for turning large bowls – about 29 inches.


  • The 1624 motor has a reversible motor appropriate for the left-handed users and when it comes to finishing.






It features pretty low speeds of about 215 rpm which are not only necessary for turning particular projects but also safe for you. It also features other safety measures such as chisel dig in the motor – however, this is available in the upgrade motor.


The safety sensing feature functions by disconnecting the spindle when a chisel dig is detected. It also acts the same in case the spindle lock is on.

There is also an additional safety feature where there is an emergency button on the motor – stops it when it is necessary. It is for emergencies only and will stop the machine when pushed in.

You will have to push release the button before you can use the device again.

It uses the Trapezoidal Bed Extension only. However, you should avoid using this extension on other lathes, or it could lead to severe injuries on malfunctioning.

If unsure of the efficient use of this wood lathe, consult the manual or even the customer care – safety comes first, don’t you agree?




Well, the assembly of this machine may prove challenging at first, but that’s just all. The technical and customer support are excellent and that outweighs any difficulty you may have.




This wood lathe is among the few to employ the latest technology with features such as headstock and swivel functionalities that are unmatched. It is quite pocket-friendly and is ideal for those with a small workspace for turning.


And considering the features and its space saving ability, it is right to state that this is one of the best wood lathes you will find on the market.