SE 7712WC Professional 12-Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set

If you are looking for wood carving pieces, then this chisel set is among the best. With the 12 chisels having different tip designs, you are set to start carving away your masterpiece as a novice. SE 7712WC Professional is a wood carving chisel set that will give you years of service without batting an eyelid. They have comfortable to use handles, and the edge maintains their sharpness for a long time. This set is suitable for beginners.


  • High-quality carbon steel material
  • Wooden handles
  • Tip protectors that protect the edges.
  • PVC pouch to keep your tools together and organized
  • Net weight 1.8 pounds



  • Have long edges which are sometimes not suitable for certain jobs.
  • Quality issues have been raised time and time again. The tools need to be reground now and then.

Solution of Cons

  • The long edges have their use, and you don’t need to replace them based on the fact that they are long. You can acquire short edge tools at your own time.
  • You can always sharpen the tools at your own convenience and liking. As a beginner, it is best you start somewhere and grow in skill. However, should you feel that the tools are too dull for you, then you can always purchase a different set.

Safety tips

Some reviewers have complained that the tools are too dull. For safety reasons, your carving tools should always be sharp. A blunt carving piece is more likely to jump uncontrollably from your hand to a soft part of you. Sharp tools are more efficient and do not require unnecessary force to make them work.

When using this set of tools, ensure that they are securely in place. For this purpose, use a stable bench so that your canvas does not move without your notice. An unstable canvas is a risk to you and others.

Use a leather glove where you need to protect your hand. If you are not sure of your skill with a chisel, it is better than use a glove rather than using bare hand and acquiring and injury.

Always wear proper footwear to protect yourself from falling objects and sharp tools. A falling chisel can cause a deep cut on your foot if adequate precautions are not taken. It is, therefore, better to protect yourself than regret later.

Chisels require you to use a mallet. However, not all mallets are appropriate for carving chisels. Wooden mallets are safer as they would damage the surface of your tools. Chipping tools are more likely to slip off you grasp and cause an injury to you.

 Things To Consider Before Buying

The first thing that you need to consider before acquiring this set includes the type of carving that you want to do. The SE 7712WC Professional set is good for chip carving. However, if you are looking to do more of carving in the round, you might need to acquire better and specialized tools.

Sugar maple and white oak are two types of wood that would present you with problems as a novice in carving. However, if you still need to do your carving on these types of wood, then better tools and protective equipment are necessary.

Price is another important factor that goes into the decision making process. As a beginner, you are probably concerned about the cost of the tools. This is because you are probably still not sure whether carving is your thing. However, don’t go for the cheapest kit out there. Cheap products will cost you, and you may end up regretting your purchase. Go for quality as opposed to the cheap.


SE 7712WC Professional are some of the cheapest carving tools in the market. This set of 12 tools comes with an easy to use the handle and a PVC pouch. The edges are sufficiently sharp and do not need regrinding. However, this set has been subject to quality issues. As a beginner, it is important that you determine what you really need from a tool before you can make your purchase. SE 7712WC is appropriate for chip carving knife, but it also has long edges. In that context, you may need to acquire other tools with short edges together with this set.

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