Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment 1 Review

Getting the right pumpkin carving tools is not as easy as it sounds. It usually takes a lot of effort if you don’t have any idea of where to look.

However, there is Speedball linoleum cutter that ensures you have a variety of the right equipment. The linoleum handle cutter is comfortable to use.

It also comes with an adjustable metal chuck where you can easily change the cutters. Furthermore, the handle twists easily providing an efficient storage for the cutters.


  • USA made
  • High quality tempered steel cutters
  • End of handle provides a convenient storage
  • A hard plastic that acts as a handle
  • Assortment of cutters perfect for detailed carvings



  • It is quite easy to use. You don’t need any special training or read a manual to be able to use the tool.
  • Comes with a variety of cutters for detailed carves. This means that you will not need to keep searching for other tools to complete your Chip carving.
  • This tool is favorably-priced. This means that you will not have to dig deep into your pocket to acquire this useful pumpkin carving product.
  • You don’t need a special box to store your tools. The handle serves this purpose pretty well by protecting the instruments from the elements. The twisting handle cum storage is convenient for you. You have both a tool and storage at the same time.



  • Putting the cutter into the tip can sometimes prove challenging. The cutter may not fit adequately, and you may end up spending a lot of time trying to fit it rather than pumpkin carving. Furthermore, the cutters can sometimes seem to get stuck in the chunk when you attempt to remove them. Sometimes you may need fidget and yank the cutters just to remove them. This may prove a risk to you as you may cut yourself in the process.


Solution of Cons

Before you purchase the Speedball linoleum cutter, make sure that the cutters have no problem going in and out of the tip. If they seem to get stuck, oil and maintain them appropriately.


Safety tips

Anticipate the possible swing of that you will make and avoid any potential accidents. Don’t let the children come too close to the carving activity.

Let them stand at a distance and observe what you are doing but at a distance. Remember also to check any once in a while if there someone or something that around that may be affected by the swing.

Keeps all your pumpkin carving tools and woodworking tools organized on the table. This way, you will always be aware of where your tools are. Make sure use each tool efficiently and return it to the same spot.

Don’t let them scatter on the table. One of the greatest mistakes individuals make is let the tools scattered all over. These tools are quite sharp and in haste to pick one over another may cause it to fall the table and land on your feet. Woe unto you if the sharp edge happens to find your toe.

You’ll be singing a loony tune all the way to the emergency room. It does not take much to keep your tools in a neat order beside your pumpkin gourd. Besides being safer, you will also appear to know what you are doing, and that will be good for your confidence.


Things To Consider Before Buying


What you need  a tool

Before getting your checkbook to purchase an item, always be sure it is what you need. Some advertised features may make you love a product to the point of buying it without giving it much thought on whether it is what they needed.

If you are a beginner in pumpkin carving, then take some time to consider what you need in the meantime until your skill level improves. You may not be sure of what you need, and so it is appropriate to consult.

The cost

The cost of the product is another important factor to take into consideration. Getting the right tools that will really do something significant must take you back more than just a few bucks. Be serious and get the right equipment for the right price.



The Speedball linoleum cutter is a great tool to have around if you are some of those people that enjoy pumpkin carving.

This product is quite convenient with a linoleum handle that doubles up as a storage section for the cutters. The only downside is that the cutters often get stuck in the tip.


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