How To Start Carving Wood: The Beginner’s Guide

Starting Carving Wood is not so difficult as you think but it’s a matter of patience and knowledge. Carving Wood is a very skilled work. This needs proper knowledge and proper tools to do it. But without knowing the proper procedure, no one can turn his imagination into reality. Knowing the way, we can make masterpieces on the canvas to wooden pieces.

Knowing the Procedure Before Practice- Good or Bad?

Not at all. Knowing before doing will help you with advance knowledge. It will help you to know all kind of precautions you have to use to carve wood. So knowing before practice is not bad at all.


The following guidelines you have to follow before starting carving wood. These things are really simple. I always motivate people positively.

  • Step 1: Choosing the wood

First of all, choosing the right wood is very important. Because you have to go through the whole procedure on the wood. Different types of works need different types of woods. So, you have to choose the right wood first.

  • Step 2: Choose your tools

Next, you have to choose your tools. Tools are going to help you make your masterpiece. So, you have to pick your companion wisely.

  • Step 3: Creating design

Then, determine what you are going to create. Create your design first. Then, we have to plot it on the wood plank.

  • Step 4: Plotting design on wood

Take a piece of carbon paper. Then place the design on the carbon sheet. Now overwrite all the outline of conception with a little pressure. So, It will make a trace line on the wood. Now we can proceed

  • Step 5: Removing outside part

Now, you have to remove all the outside parts not involving the design. You can do this with a wood carving knife.

  • Step 6: Using chisel

Now, it’s time to use the chisel. You have to create your lines and details with the “v” chisel carving tools.


Starting Carving wood is the main part of the carving processes. If you are started it properly, you can create what you want to create. So this is how you can start carving wood.