TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller

Once in a while, you will find yourself needing to move heavy equipment from one place to the other. If you are a car owner, you will save yourself so much trouble by having a come along wince to make your task so much easier. As anyone would guess, strength is a critical factor that you should look out for when shopping for a come along or power puller – you would not want to put your car and other people at risk. This is among the best come along winch on the market you can get.


A solid construction puller will give you a considerable amount of service without showing signs of strain. TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller is one tool that demonstrates a high level of reliability – just that what you would be looking for in this kind of device.

best come along


Products Description:


TEKTON is one company that stands tall when it comes to manufacturing reliable equipment, and that is apparent with this power puller. The brand’s specialty is in gardening tools, cutting tools and professional hand tools and has good experience in making this kind of equipment.


The stand out feature for this winch is the high level of versatility meaning that you can use it for any kind of heavy equipment moving you have. It has a 21-inch ratchet providing high-leverage to ensure good performance.


It has this pumping action that is not only easy but safe – a good thing for non-professional users. This manual puller is seen as ideal for construction and landscaping projects.




  • A pretty versatile hand winch that you can use on a variety applications without a problem. This is especially ideal if you are the kind of person that moves heavy equipment around.


  • All-Steel construction for durability and strength


  • Has a 21-inch ratchet for high leverage – this makes it ideal as a winch.


  • A pumping action that is both simple and safe which gives you sufficient control over the tool.


  • A 0.25-inch thick braided steel cable for maximum strength. It is 12’ 7” long, sufficient for a number of applications.


  • Comes with a locking pawl and two gears for efficient distribution of pulling force.


  • Latch hooks that are self-locking for secure connections.


  • A simple to use pulley system for easier one-hand operation.


  • Specially designed for horizontal pulling.


  • Quite cost effective


  • Ideal for such pulling projects as logs, car and others not exceeding the weight limit


  • The power puller has three hooks that you can use as single or double lines. This is where its versatility comes from.


  • Has high rated capacity of 8000lbs but a safe working load of 4000lbs – this is pretty decent to handle the majority of pulling projects.


  • The puller comes with a galvanized finish to ensure it is corrosion-resistant – this makes sure it maintains its aesthetic appeal while as at the same time being weather-resistant.


  • Solid steel gears for durability




As a tool that is in constant contact with heavy equipment, this winch has a number of decent safety features. For starters, it has safe and straightforward pumping action that even a non-professional can operate with much ease. The self-locking latch hooks is another safety feature ensuring a secure connection.


However, it may not be safe for the pulling projects that are too heavy. You will end up having grinding gears which in all honesty is not a good thing for you.




Not the best when you have cumbersome projects. It is not constructed of heavy metal, and so anything above a thousand tons may be too much for the winch. In simpler terms, the hand puller is not for industrial application.


Several reviewers have pointed this weakness, and one of them claimed to have had a bent handle. The switching mechanism between letting out may not be as efficient as it is supposed. Issues of jamming have also featured severally highlighting a problem.


The spring-loaded flap tends to get stuck while ta the middle of a pulling project. This requires you to a flathead screwdriver to push the flap back. Otherwise, it would be tough to use the puller like that.


Regardless of the shortcomings, this is one piece of equipment that gets the job done, if used in the right manner and maintaining the recommended pull load – ideally, the safe load capacity should always be the goal.




It is versatile and ideal for several projects and is quite fairly priced. The associated shortcoming is that it cannot handle very heavy weights and that is not a good thing at all.


However, that shouldn’t worry you too much as long as you keep to the recommended weight limit – some people tend test how far a machine can go thus putting themselves and the objects they are pulling at risk.