Top 5 Best Survival Knives Guide You Must Read

When making certain purchases in life, it is important to get things right. This is certainly the case when it comes to something like a survival knife. After all, you don’t want to be placed in a tough situation with a survival knife that isn’t doing its job. There are various things to look for when trying to find the best survival knife on the market. This piece will take a look at some of these things and highlight them for the reader. We will also take a look at the top five survival knives on the market from the eyes of an expert. See out another review : Whittling Knife Reviews

The Top 5 Survival Knives Compared

ESEE-6 Plain Black Blade

This is a highly rated product that is adored by everyone that purchases it. The makers of this survival knife have come up with an almost perfect product that does the job and then some. The first thing to focus on when buying one is the weight distribution. It should feel ‘right’ when holding it because oddly weighted knives can be hard to handle. This particular knife is fantastic when it comes to weight distribution. It has the ‘just right’ balance to it that is required when in a tight situation.

The grip is another aspect to look at when making the purchase. This product has an excellent grip because of the ‘micarta’ handles. This material ensures the user is able to appropriately the knife without it falling all over the place. The sharpness of this knife is well renowned. It cuts beautifully right away and will demonstrate similar results for a lengthy period.

Cold Steel Knife (Military Classic)

When first holding this particular piece, the eyes goes to the blade and its steel. The quality of the steel is fantastic and deserves applause. It ensures when using the blade, everything is crisp and smooth as desired.

This product is all about being well built. It has been put together on the back of a similar Japanese originated brand that is known for producing quality knives. The survival knife on a whole is remarkable and is easy on the hands when holding it.


Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

One of the best qualities of this product is the fact it lasts for a long time. This is the best aspect of this product; it will never fail on you. The knife just keeps on going and going. The blade is sharp from the beginning and can handle the roughest tasks with ease.

The ‘Kraton’ handle is fantastic on the hands and is easy to maneuver. Individuals that use survival knives understand how crucial it is to have something that is easy to hold onto. A lot of times, something that is stubborn on the knife will require extra force. This particular blade does an amazing job on ensuring this is not a problem at all. The cuts are perfect because this as a whole is near perfection.

Buck 655 Hood Knife

This has an interesting ‘SMS’ system in place ensuring there is minimal wear and tear on the unit. The manufacturer takes bride in the fact that this particular blade is long lasting and can withstand intense work. The goal behind this system is to ensure less energy is used by the user in order to obtain results. It makes things easier on the user and this is important when doing something outdoors.

The weight of this knife (7.4 ounces) is one of the lightest among all of the blades listed in this piece. This is what makes it stand out. It is amazingly light in one’s hands and it is noticeable when first holding it. This lightness ensures that tasks are made easier for the user when making cuts.

Ontario 7500 Blackbird

With the handle being canvas, it is great for gripping onto. There are no issues with the product slipping out of your hands during an outdoor expedition. This is another addition to the ‘lightweight’ survival knives out on the market. Weighing in at 8.4 ounces, it is a very light knife.

There is no extra glamour to this knife, but there is no need when it comes to such products. All one requires is a handy tool that can cut precisely when required. This does that job well and deserves a spot in the top five.

Concluding Thoughts on the Best Survival Knives

All of the listed survival knives are excellent purchases. Each one has something unique to offer, but all provide similar results. It is all about finding a survival knife that is easy on the hands, long lasting and cuts well right off the bat. This is what separates the good ones from those that are average or below average. As said before, you don’t want to be stuck with a bad survival knife when outdoors. It’s a purchase that should be well researched and this piece should help in finding the best one.

Folding Knife vs Fixed Blade

folding knife vs fixed knife

Ordinary individuals rarely get to use a knife on a regular basis. When they do use knives, they use it for mundane and ordinary activities. Hence, they do not understand the intensity behind the strong opinions held by various knife connoisseurs on different types of knives. There are many individuals who swear by the fixed blade knife. As far as they are concerned, a knife can be called so only if it has a fixed blade.

On the other hand, there are others who find such rigid definitions very cumbersome. They analyze knives from the point of view of functionality and conclude that the folding knife is the best possible knife that one can use. There are as many opinions as individuals participating in the debate. Hence, it is foolish to try and find the perfect answer.

However, it must be said that the folding knife offers all the advantages that a fixed blade offers along with some specific advantages of its own. A folding tactical knife is as good as a fixed blade used for combat. The folding utility knife is as useful as a fixed blade and can be used for various functions and activities. The folding knife can easily be carried in a pocket. This is one benefit that a fixed blade cannot offer. It is very risky to carry such a knife in the pocket. For starters, it would be placed in a sheath and the overall package will be very bulky. Secondly, accessing this knife quickly will be very difficult as you would have to move the sheath from the pocket and remove the knife from the sheath. On the other hand, the folding knife can be opened with a quick movement of the hand and application of a bit of pressure of the thumb.

A folding tactical knife is as good as a fixed blade used for combat. The folding utility knife is as useful as a fixed blade and can be used for various functions and activities. The folding knife can easily be carried in a pocket. This is one benefit that a fixed blade cannot offer. It is very risky to carry such a knife in the pocket. For starters, it would be placed in a sheath and the overall package will be very bulky. Secondly, accessing this knife quickly will be very difficult as you would have to move the sheath from the pocket and remove the knife from the sheath.

On the other hand, the folding knife can be opened with a quick movement of the hand and application of a bit of pressure of the thumb.

As far as quality of the blade is concerned, there is absolutely no difference between a folding knife and a fixed blade if you opt to buy from reputed sellers. The manner in which the blade is made is very important. Forgers and blacksmiths were very important in medieval Europe because they were the ones who made the knife strong and sturdy. Their technological innovations ensured that blade retained its edge for the longest period possible. As on date, the process of manufacturing of the blade has become mechanized. However, it still remains the heart and soul of the knife making business. The handle is equally important and so is the mating of the handle and the blade. Irrespective of whether the knife is fixed or folding, the point of contact of the two components must be very strong.

The folding knife and has immortal in the form of the Swiss Army Knife. Numerous innovations have been made to this knife. Some Swiss army knives offer as many as ninety-nine different tools and implements. However, one accessory that is always a part of this knife is the folding knife itself. Over the years, fixed plates have found themselves out of favor because these knives can be used only in a limited set of circumstances and in a restricted manner.

Thankfully, both folding and fixed blade knives can be purchased over the World Wide Web. As long as you buy from reputed sellers and you opt for reputed brands, you can rest assured that your goal will be achieved. However, do keep in mind that there are some knives that are best suited for certain activities. Choosing the wrong knife will only make things difficult. If you choose the wrong knife for the wrong task, you will have to apply extra skill to get the job done.

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Knives for Hunters

knives for hunter

Considering our obsession with violence and sensationalism, it is not surprising that combat knives and tactical knives garner all the publicity. However, the reason why knives have been popular for thousands of years now is that it is a great tool that helps us perform many activities.

One of the most important functions that the ordinary knife has been performing for many thousands of years now is the function of hunting. The knife is a wonderful hunting implement. The idea of using a knife for hunting probably arose from the effectiveness of chipped stones that had sharp edges in killing animals. These stones were very useful in quickly killing their prey. At a time when man was constantly struggling against nature and its dangerous beasts for survival, these chipped stones must have come in very handy indeed.

When man discovered metal, it did not take long for knives to be invented. One of the first uses to which the knife was put was to kill animals, remove their skin and cut their flesh into small pieces. Spears were formed by attaching the metal to sticks and knives were made by driving the metal strip into a wooden frame to form a handle. The basic design of the knife remains the same. The metal strip is very hard and very sharp while the handle, earlier made of wood, is made of rubber or other such substances.

Since then, knife has been an integral part of any and every hunt. This sword may seem more glamorous and more powerful than the ordinary knife. However, the sword is not very useful because it is very long and very difficult to maneuver during hunting. On the other hand, using a knife for hunting is a smart move as it offers flexibility as well as strength. You can tackle a boar that is that charging head on by simply thrusting a knife into its face. On the other hand, an animal that is already injured or has been pinned to the ground by hunting dogs can be quickly killed by using the knife to pierce the underside.

There are innumerable instances where courageous men and women have saved their lives using knives to kill man eating tigers and lions. While skill is very essential, a strong and worthy knife is a must.

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What characteristics should you look for when buying a knife for a hunter?

The knife must be very strong. Only a fool would underestimate the strength of the animals in the wild. If you intend to have good hunt, it is essential that you should choose the right knife amongst the many knives for hunters available in the market. It should be light, strong and should have a comfortable handle.

The general perception is that a folding knife is not suitable for hunting. Such generalizations are best avoided. A

A well-handled folding knife is much better for hunting than a poorly handled fixed knife.

Another misconception is that a big knife is always a suitable for hunting. Tackling slow-moving animals may not be difficult with a big knife. However, you will find it tougher to maneuver a big and heavy knife when tackling fleet-footed animals.

The grip is very important as far as hunting knives are concerned. If you are not comfortable with the grip of the knife, chances are remote that you would be in a position to bring the animal down.

The knife should be strong enough to protect you at all times. A knife that snaps into two after a single kill is of no use whatsoever. You can find reputed hunting knives in online stores and more information about hunting tips and strategies on the web.

Knife Fighting

When did the first knife fight take place? It is difficult to specifically state the year. However, one can safely hazard a guess that knife fighting first took place probably in the Iron Age when two cavemen fought with each other with sharp edged metal strips over the carcass of a dead animal. If a knife is to be considered as a strip of sharpened metal, then knife fighting is probably as old as human civilization itself.

However, if we are to restrict ourselves to a proper definition of a knife i.e. a strip of sharpened metal fitted to a wooden or plastic handle to facilitate a safe grip, we will have to come forward to the time when the Mesopotamian, Greek and Indian civilizations were flourishing. In any case, use of combat knives to defeat an enemy is an age old practice.

In fact, it would be incorrect to call it a practice. Rather, knife fighting is an art. Just like unarmed self defense techniques, knife fighting has specific techniques, moves and rules that must be followed to defeat the enemy very quickly. Just like unarmed combat, different civilizations came up with their own combat knives and their own fighting styles. Kali knife fighting of Philippines, Khukri combat in India, Machete combat of the Indians, Chinese knife fighting- the list is virtually endless.

Hence, it would be a criminal mistake to confuse knife fighting with sheer violence and mindless gore. The idea is to use knife combat to disarm and disable the opponent with minimum effort and damage to oneself.

A very basic lesson that was taught to all those who learnt knife fighting in Medieval Europe was to slash the wrist of the opponent so that the opponent’s knife would fall down and the attacker could offer the choice of surrender or death. There are numerous feints, hand and feet movements and exercises that must be performed by an individual who desires to become an expert in knife combat.

This may sound very zen but experts often speak of the importance of mental strength during knife fighting. Samurais of Japan used swords, daggers and other sharp objects in their armory. They were masters at controlling their mind as well.

When trench warfare came to an end, many thought that knife fighting had lost its utility. However, we are facing the problem of counter insurgency in terrorist hotspots like Iraq and Afghanistan. The bad guys are coming up with better and better ways to hit at the good guys. In such a scenario, a combat knife in your belt and knowledge of how to use the same can make all the difference between life and death. That is the reason why armies still include knife fighting in their training courses. That is the reason why the K-BAR continues to remain standard issue for all US Marines.

The primary reason why knife fighting remains so important is that a strip of sharpened metal will never let you down. Guns may misfire and missiles may fly away from their target. However, a knife thrown at a person who is trying to cause harm will always hit the target.

With numerous folding knives available in the market, you too can keep a knife handy to ensure you are protected at all times. Unlike guns and firearms, knives can be used for other purposes as well. Further, they are always safer than firearms. You can get great deals on the web. All you need to do is check out the various brands of tactical knives in the market and buy the best tactical knife for your safety.

Tactical Folding Knife


The first thing that must be explained here is- What is a tactical folding knife? And- Why is it called so?
A knife is a piece of sharpened metal that is fitted into a handle so that it can be held safely. The handle can be hollowed out and the joint can be converted into a hinge so that the knife can be folded into the handle. A knife that folds, a folding knife… get it?

Why tactical? Whether a knife is a tactical knife or a utility knife depends on the purpose for which it used. A tactical knife is designed specifically to be used in self-defense situations. A quick search on the web will tell you that the art of knife fighting is as rigorous and as demanding as any other martial art or other forms of self-defense. You may have seen crude images of knives fighting in movies. In real life, it is filled with graceful moves that can cause devastating injuries.

Of course, nobody will recommend the purchase of a tactical knife for offensive purposes. The basic idea of offering a tactical folding knife here is to help you defend yourself from a knife attack if the unfortunate contingency ever arises.

There are many who say that the knife is unimportant and it is the skill of the person holding the knife that matters. There is no doubt that skill matters. If you are skilled, you can play baseball with even a golf stick. However, that does not mean you can ignore the baseball bat altogether, does it?

Good quality tactical folding knives must have –

  • A strong and sharp blade
  • A well-designed blade
  • Adequate protection for the fingers
  • Proper blade lock up
  • Rapid deployment features

How can you identify the best knife amongst the numerous tactical folding knives in the market? Check out as many knives as you can. Read up on how tactical knives have evolved and how these knives are being made safer and stronger. Needless to say, you will have to rely on a reliable site on the web if you want to buy the knife online.

Nothing seems more fun than handling the knife in your hand before taking a decision. However, this is not possible unless a reputed knife seller has set up shop in your town. The web helps you order stuff from all over the world at affordable prices. Of course, most reputed knife selling websites offer a sensible and realistic return policy that helps you return the knife if it does not meet your standards.

If you do not want to risk buying a poor quality knife, just opt for reputed brands like Gerber knives. This brand has made its name by providing excellent quality and reliable tactical knives to the masses.

Another benefit of opting for Gerber knives or other knives made by reputed brands is that you will never have to worry about your safety when using the knife. Getting injured in a knife attack is bad enough. However, getting hurt because the liner lock of your knife gave way is plain stupid.

A word of caution when buying tactical knives- the biggest need not be the best. Those who attack with knives never give advance notice of their intentions. Hence, an 8 inch knife covered in a leather sheath may sound very intimidating but is of no use in a real life attack scenario. A folding knife that can be whipped out and pressed into action with just a press of a thumb is a much better option.

Folding Pocket Knife

What are the advantages of having a folding pocket knife over an ordinary knife? The first and the most obvious advantage is safety. You can keep numerous folding pocket knives in your pocket without fear of getting even a single scratch on your body. On the other hand, just try placing an unsheathed standard knife in your pocket for a few minutes. Chances are high that you would be scared to even take a deep breath as long as the knife is in your pocket. Even if you do have it in a sheath, the possibility of the blade sticking out and causing injuries is always present.

How many ordinary individuals feel the need of owning a knife? Just check out some instances-

  • A cook who wants to cut vegetables quickly
  • A person who wants to defend himself or herself from any knife attack in a threatening situation
  • An employee in a depot or a freight service who has to slice the tape off many boxes.
  • An office executive who has been given the responsibility of receiving and opening the mail.

This list is virtually endless. However, this is sufficient proof that we all will find it useful to own a safe knife for our daily activities. As far as safety is concerned, no knife is better than a folding knife. However, having too big a folding knife will make it difficult to carry it around. Further, it would not be easily accessible. On the other hand, a folding pocket knife will meet all requirements perfectly. It is safe, easily accessible, easy to use and can be closed very quickly as well.

Many persons who use folding pocket knives regularly say that opening and closing the knife is possible with just a single hand. This leaves the other hand free to carry out any other activity.

A normal folding knife consists of a

  • Rubberized grip
  • Teflon coated blade colored to resemble the grip or stand out in contrast
  • A thumb knob or button that can be pressed to open the knife in a jiffy
  • A strong lock that will prevent the blade from coming free when it is in use
  • A spring or any such mechanism that will keep the blade firm when in use but will let it be folded easily when the user wants to fold the blade.

A pocket knife will help you stow the knife away safely when it is not in use. Handling the knife and passing it from one person to another becomes very easy as the blade is kept folded at all times. Further, branded knives like Leatherman knives designed to fit in a pocket and are very light as well. This makes it easy to use the knife for a long time without any strain on the wrist or the forearm.

Where can you find genuine Leatherman knives without fear of being saddled with a poor quality fake? The World Wide Web is the best place to do so. Conventional wisdom tells us that the best way to buy a folding knife is to handle it and check it before buying it. However, an ordinary individual is rarely, if ever, aware of what to look for in a knife. In such a scenario, the best option is to make use of the web to buy the knife from reputed sellers. The combination of a reputed brand and a reputed online store is enough to ensure that you will get the best quality knife at the most affordable prices. What is more, the knife can be gift wrapped and delivered to any location if you want to gift such a knife to a friend or relative.

Folding Utility Knife

Most of us associate knives with violence. We imagine the bad guys and the good guys with knives along with many good gals and bad gals thrown in as well. Sadly, the usage of knives in the real world is pretty much restricted to mundane activities. From cutting vegetables during camping to slicing open boxes to remove stuff in a hurry at the factory, a guy with a knife is really a guy saddled with the most laborious and boring job.

You can easily find numerous types of knives on the web. Of the various types available for daily usage, the folding utility knife is the best option. There are two key words here- folding and utility.

A folding is a lot more convenient than an ordinary knife. Having a knife on your holster may seem very grand. However, you will have to place it in a sheath or you would cut yourself a dozen times without a lot of effort. Removing the knife from the sheath, again and again, can be a very laborious task. When you need to use your folding utility knife again and again, this task can be very tiresome. Further, this repeated process will cause a lot of wear and tear for the sheath. You will have to replace it regularly. All this adds up to a lot of useless tasks and useless expenditure.

All these problems can be solved by simply opting for a folding knife. Just twist the knife on the hinge and your job is done. Flipping the knife open is very easy. Most folding utility knives come with a mechanism that helps you unfold the knife with just a press of a button. The blade shall remain locked and will prevent the knife from accidentally closing on the fingers of the person handling the knife.

What are the advantages of buying such folding utility knives?

If you are a camping enthusiast, then this object must form a part of your camping trip essentials. If you an office temp, then this knife will be very useful in slicing open envelopes without any difficulty. Every task that requires a sharp blade can be done perfectly with the help of a utility knife. Those who have used blades very often will confirm that even the best blade does not last for long. Firstly, the plastic cover may crack and render the blade dangerous. Secondly, the blade may quickly lose its edge and become useless. Thirdly, blades never have a comfortable grip. Try working with a blade for hours and a stretch and your hurting fingers will be proof enough.

If you find the idea of using a utility knife for trivial tasks as odd, then just check out the various brands of utility knives online. From Kershaw knives to Buck knives, there are numerous reputed brands offering different knives with different grips and different features. Each and every knife has various features listed. From rubberized grips to Teflon coated blades, you will find knives that are designed to last a very long time. If you plan to use one at home, pay special attention to the lock and opt for reputed brands like Kershaw knives. Safety is a very big issue when you have kids around.

If you intend to use it in an industrial setting, get brand new Buck knives for your employees without any safety or performance concerns. A good folding knife will help you avoid stray accidents and lawsuits that result out of these accidents. A folding utility blade will help you avoid expenditure on training on safety and careful handling of the knife as well. Just fold the knife and the knife shall be rendered incapable of causing any harm.

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