A handyman, professional or DIY-er, will need something to help keep them organized, one great tool is the VETO PRO PAC Model XXL-F Tool Bag.

It is a big bag that is favored by many professionals because of the number of tools you can fit into it. We mostly look at power tools, but this bag caught our attention.

It is definitely well made and any home improvement junkie such as ourselves would enjoy.




If you are interested in getting this Veto Pro Pac XXL, you can go to Below are some of the bag’s specs that we love the best.


Weatherproof With Rugged Construction

A handyman’s tool bag needs to be able to withstand a lot of abuse. For one, it will contain tools that have a lot of sharp edges.

It should also be expected to withstand some rain and not-so-ideal storage conditions– that is what the VETO Pro Pac XXL bag does.

It has been made weatherproof, so even if it has that flexible exterior, it is still able to keep out water. The body is made with PVC impregnated Denier and at the same time, it has a durable waterproof base reinforced with 3mm polystyrene.

This means that even if you mistakenly set your bag down somewhere wet, your tools remain dry.

The zippers and the fastenings are also of high-quality material and the stitching is as secure as it gets.


Big Size

The name alone tells you that it has a lot of storage power. If you know of the VETO XL, you may think that they made the XXL shorter. But, what it lacks in height, it makes up for in the room. With over 240 inches of base area, it can definitely accommodate a lot of tools. Plus, as one commenter mentioned the XXL can carry power tools and chargers while the XL cannot.


Organized Storage

There is something to be said for an organization. An organized handyman is going to have the tools they need within in reach.

It makes jobs so much easier, plus you won’t end up having to look for the screwdriver everywhere when you need it, it will always be in the same place all the same place.

The XXL comes with a tiered storage scheme with 47 pockets that provide vertical storage space. Plus, it has 7 zippered pockets and as an added bonus, you will also find that it has a magnetic catch pouch where you can store safety glasses. It also has an open storage bay where you can place your power tools.

The tool is also as great on the outside as it is on the inside. It comes with a mounted stainless steel tape clip on the outside.

The different pockets also mean that the bag does not only provide storage, but it also helps to protect the tools inside.


What Do Other’s Think?

Here are some reviews from clients who have purchased the bag from


You can read more reviews for the XXL bag on Amazon.



One concern that some consumers have raised about the XXL is the height. At 25.5 inches, they were concerned that the bag may be a bit too heavy to lug around. This VETO Pac,

however, surprises may others with its ability to balance weight with durability and many find that it is not that heavy at all.

The size of the bag does have its advantages too. After all, you will not be able to fit as many tools as it can if it were shorter.

If you are still concerned about the bag height, you can head over to a store that carries them to get a good look at them. Often the 25.5 inches, which looks so big on paper is really not as big as you think it is in real life.

Once you have taken a good look at the XXL, come back to Amazon where you can get it at a discounted rate.


How Much Is It?

You can get it from It is also available from other retailers for the regular rate.



  • Item Number: XXL
  • Length: 25.50 inches
  • Width 16 inches
  • Height 9.50 inches
  • Vertical Pockets: 47
  • Zippered Pockets: 7
  • Open Storage Bay: 1


What’s in the Box?

  • 1 Veto Pro Pac Model XXL Tool Bag


Where Can I Get More Information?

You can read more about this XXL Tool Bag from, you can also head on to the VETO site where you can also read about their other products.



There is no doubt that this is a great tool bag. It can fit more than 80 hand-tools. It is also an ideal carrying case for power tools, you can definitely fit any power drill or impact driver here.

Head on to now to get this bag for yourself.