Waste King L8000 | Review – 2018

Before I owned my Waste King Waste Disposer, I had to keep dealing with clogged drains. I spent hundreds of dollars on handyman fees and on repairs. That is until I found the right disposal unit for my home.

Today, I have a couple of waste disposals set up. In my indoor kitchen, I have the Waste King L-8000. I learned about it from a friend, he owns a restaurant and he says that it is the best disposer he has ever used.

My spouse loves it too because it does not only keep the pipes free of clogs, it also saves time.

Waste King Garbage Disposal


Benefits of the Waste King L-8000


One of the L-8000 Waste Disposer’s top features is its power grinder. Some of the disposers I’ve had experience with choked or clogged up. It’s such a hassle when that happens.

This particular Waste King, however features a 2,800 RPM vortex motor. That is more powerful than what regular disposal units offer. It grinds practically anything.


One of the biggest issues that users have with their disposal units is that it’s noisy and wears down easy.

I found the Waste King L8000 Legend to be surprisingly quiet and it lasts a lot longer than most of the products in the market. It is because it has a glass filled nylon chamber and stainless steel components. This keeps corrosion out and noise in.


Another feature I love about this disposer is the Waste King Continuous Feed Operation. With it, you can feed the unit even when it is running.

It also has removable attachments that work to keep the grinder from jamming up.


I won’t lie, this is probably one of the major reasons why I got my L-8000 1HP Waste Disposer. I really did not want to be bothered by complicated set ups. It was very easy to mount and the pack comes with all the necessary hardware you will need.

It also had a long power cord (36 inches) and it is guaranteed to be safe for use with properly sized septic tanks.


If during the lifespan of the original purchaser the Waste King L-8000 HP1 some mechanical issues or some problems with its materials, it is going to be replaced for free. That is one guarantee that you’d surely want to have.


Product Cons

Some people who have bought the product had an issue with the installation. Installation is rather easy, especially when you follow the instructions – many other users, including myself, can attest to this. If you do have a problem with installation, you can always hire a professional to do the installation for you.


Product Specs:

Shipping Weight: 14.8 lbs

Height: 16 1/16”

Diameter:  8 ½”


What’s Included in the Box?

– Waste King L-8000 1HP Disposal Unit

– Mounting Hardware

– Power Cord


Where Can I Get More Information?

You can go to the Waste King official website if you want to learn more about the Waste King L8000. You can also head straight for Amazon.com where you not only get the best deals, but you can also read lots of user reviews.