WEN 3420 8″ by 12″ Variable Speed Benchtop Wood Lathe

An efficient wood lathe is a joy for any woodworking hobbyist or professional – there is some excitement in making your own wooden item in the manner you wants them. An ideal tool is easy to use, durable and affordable. Well, the This Benchtop Wood Lathe is one machine that has all the right features making it an ideal tool for your situation.

It is a budget wood lathe, no doubt about that but we cannot say the same when it comes to effectiveness in turning wood – it is one tool worth the investment. The wood lathe is compact and lightweight meaning that you can easily transport it wherever your work is. You can take your work to a nearby shade and produce beautiful pieces while enjoying the outdoors.

In our benchtop wood lathe reviews, we will go a little deeper to provide the necessary information you need to decide whether it is the right machine for you – and it is, no doubt about that.


Wood lathe reviews

Products description:

Apart from being compact and lightweight, it comes with an adjustable speed making for more natural control – woodworkers understand how vital this feature is when working on different pieces of wood.  And if you need to work on small items such as cups and bowls, the wood lathe comes with a 5-inch faceplate just for that – quite functional.

It also allows you to work on wood pieces with the dimensions of 12” by 8.” And if you are the kind of person that desires more exquisite details, the lathe includes a tailstock taper and MT1 spindle. The motor is not only strong but quiet also.

You will also need a machine that spins tiny pieces as well, after all, the ideal tool is versatile. With WEN 3420 8″ by 12″, you can turn ¾-inch pieces with ease – talk about multi-functionality. It is also possible to bolt it to a workbench making your projects easier and safer.



  • Comes with a quiet and robust motor for efficiency. This makes the ideal wood lathe for any level of woodworking.
  • Has a 750-200 rpm variable speed and you can easily choose the most appropriate for the task at hand. Simply, there are five different speeds at your disposal.
  • There is a 5-inch faceplate for the smaller items such as cups. This gives you the flexibility to choose the most appropriate and will not need to select a different tool.
  • Durable and safe motor – reliable is the word here
  • tailstock taper and MT1 spindle for those interested in finer details
  • The wood lathe is lightweight and compact. You can easily carry it around to where the main work is.
  • You can work on 12” by 8,” quite sufficient for most projects you may have lying around.
  • Has an attractive 2-year warranty you can bank on in case of anything – yes, anything can happen to these power tools, and a warranty provides a certain level of cover.
  • A lever clamping that is pretty easy to use for adjustments – no one wants anything complicated.
  • Comes with useful accessories such as a knockout rod, flat wrench, tailstock and headstock among others.
  • Can produce intricate designs – especially useful for those quite serious about details.
  • It is a well-known brand that makes quality lathes.
  • Lightweight and compact for more comfortable transportation and storage.
  • Cast iron body for strength and durability. You will not need to worry about the whole thing snapping after overworking it.


The machine has no associated safety issues – none has been reported. It has some of the most functional safety features such as pullout switch you can use to prevent accidental use.

Its motor is powerful but also safe to use – has a soft start for easier and safe operation. As a novice, you are in safe hands.



  • Lacks the full range of features you would typically find in more expensive lathes. After all, this is the cheaper model.
  • It will not accommodate larger pieces – it is quite limiting.
  • It is not compatible with WEN extension attachment
  • While motor is adequately strong for the majority of projects, you can quickly bog it down with some significant piece such as small logs. It is a mid-priced tool and so don’t strain it so much.



If you consider the features and its favorable pricing, it is easier to understand why this machine easily features in the majority of bench top wood lathe reviews. Its 12” by 8” dimensions are quite sufficient for the majority of tasks and comes with decent safety features – we can never be too careful when it comes to these heavy-duty machines.

So if you are a professional or beginner in woodworking, you can rely on this machine for a top of the range works.